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    Do you have the url for Shadows Edge?
    Damon Carson


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      You are going to have soooo much fun supporting that product, the returns, the time on the phone trying to teach folks to use it, etc. Once they cant get it to do what they want, they will return it, gonna resell a used gun?

      Whats the warrantee? Whats this guys return policy? Will he support your customers? Whats money is your time worth? What is customer satsfaction worth?

      Profit margin is your motive, we have discussed this repeatedly, you can buy a 25 buck gun, and waste an hour on support per unit before they want to return it. or buy it for 28 in nice packaging and metal components not plastic that that will break

      Since I have the patent pending going on 6 years now, dont you think the minute it is approved, I wont issue a cease and desist order thru my patent attorney, who developed a wonderfully broad protective description?
      __________________________________________________ ________

      Empress and Rogue,

      As far as your needs, just call me or email me direct, I can fit you to a gun to meets your needs. ( I can give you my cell number off forum) Details like size, indoor(heated ot not) or outdoor (a geographic location) , days open, time to set up, who and how many folks will operate it - are all important.

      Roque for an 800 sq ft haunt if indoors room temp at 70, a gun like that one of our MW1 will piss you off. The MWD will take you less than an hour depending on how finessed you desire to be. MW1, 4 plus hours, MWC, 2-3 hours, MWCCL >2 hours. Its another story if you are outdoors, or the inddoor space is unheated.

      If you have PLENTY of time to shoot webs, you can get by with it, but you will be limping along. I would go to the MWC, it has higher output per hour to move along faster, cools off less, so you can work for longer durations without having to allow the gun to reheat. Use the same idea as you go up the product line.

      I try to explain this over and over folks.
      A cheap gun is great if you want to be cheap, but with EVERY gun, there is some learning curve involved. The lower the price the longer the curve, the harder it is to be consistent and fine with the webs. Some folks just cant get the low price models to work.

      Do you buy cheap tools and become unhappy with the results wasting time to make it look as you hoped? Or spend more money and less time trying to make it work, with the results you expect?
      __________________________________________________ _________

      I make it a point to offer the lowest practical cost webbers.

      Jeff, you didnt ask anything about a 10 case wholesale order with me, which I probably would have disuaded you from anyhow - you talked about a dozen units, not worth the hassle - had you asked for a retail packages on 250 units (box - not a some minimal card/blister pack) I wouldnt have ignored your inquiries.

      The guy selling these kept sending folks up to me (yeah sneaky aint he) to try to explain operation, they asked for wholesale prices (competative with these in quantity) and I explained exactly the issues, learning curve, usage, and support. They then ordered a better overall unit from me, since I actually had information, would hand them any and all gunns, and would be there for them.

      They all chose to instead order one or 2 D models and to rent a package of compressor, hose and webber. 6- 8 rentals, and their expense is covered, and the support is nearly nil. Initial investment lower, support cost lower, profit WAY HIGHER.

      I did hundreds of 30 second lessons last week, handing the gun to the person after, and all of them were making webs in 30 seconds, fine, simple webs, shooting them 30 ft, and making heavy webs in moments should they desire. They said that is they dont spend 10, 20 30 minutes per teaching a customer, and instead can spend 30 seconds, its worth every cent.

      One pointed out that after a few rentals the customers will be more inclined to buy one of the guns for themselves, at a real profit margin.

      Another pointed out that they would make additional profit on the glues, since they have a captive audience at that point.

      My other favorite is this guy is supplying what, 2, "webcaster" sticks, are they fire safe?? are the food safe?? MSDS sheets available??

      You can find sticks at other sources, and they may be around now and again, I have the simply largest source, I have in excess of 3000 pounds annually made explicitly to my specs. Maybe a little cheaper, but what does safety and peace of mind cost?

      Talk to me, then make an educated decision.
      A haunter making quality and safe items for his FELLOW haunters.

      BTW, Jeff, the vid doesnt work. Warning signs of things to come?

      Webs so real, spiders think its home.
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        Hey Corey, it's never too late to talk!
        And I fixed the link.
        Thanks, Jeff


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          Originally posted by damon carson
          Do you have the url for Shadows Edge?

          No I sure don't, and I wont be able to get back to my info for a while.
          Brad Bowen
          Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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            Originally posted by Frighteners Entertainment
            Hey Corey, it's never too late to talk!
            And I fixed the link.

            I don't see a video.
            Brian Warner
            Owner of Evilusions
            Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House
            Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore


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              It should be the first shockwave block.
              On the screen it will say "click here to play movie"
              Thanks, Jeff



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                I see the vid.

                That gun in different iterations will be available from 6 chinese vendors and especially Fitco next year as soon as the factory knocks them off and will be cheaper and cheaper I hate to say, this is why I refuse to produce them in China (remember I have the inroad with Jasmine and my inlaws there)

                The webbers are American made, hand made, quality made, actually patented pending.

                Only the entry level gun is a china made, the rest are US and Europe manufacture.

                I noticed he use a good bit of my description verbatim in his video.

                Yes, of course we can talk.
                Let me know when is a good to chat on the phone.
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                  Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think I'll be going for the C web shooter since I'll only be doing this for my Halloween Party and just in 1 big room so the time involved to do it isn't too big of a deal. I'll be ordering very soon. Thanks!
                  Christopher Brielmaier
                  Rogues Hollow Productions
                  PH: 614.408.3137

                  Other people build websites, We build Results


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                    Glad to help.
                    BTW, take advantage of show prices while you can, which will run thru the 11th currently.

                    Jeff, you gonna call me or what?
                    if so, hold of til next week, I am slammed prepping the nursery, someone is getting mean.
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                      I got my stuff ordered from Corey, and I can't wait to use them. I have a gaming event at the end of March every year, and the web-shooter and boomer is going to come in handy.

                      Thanks to everyone for their help in this thread, and a big thanks to Corey for being so AWESOME to order from.
                      Jeff Martin

                      True Adventures, Ltd.