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Hi ho Hi ho, we are getting more snow

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    You guys probably don't think so, but you are DAMN LUCKY!!! This year has SUCKED for plowing snow here.
    "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"


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      Originally posted by gridbug
      What's snow? It was just shy of 70 yesterday in Chattanooga.
      Uh yeah but you had tornados' chasing you around didn't you,gridbug!

      Lots of tragedy happening down in the lower states, that high school was awful news!

      And yes the weather in northern Illinois yesterday was terrible! Driving with your flashers on for 30 miles so people wouldn't reaer end you was the pits! My hour drive yesterday took me 3 hours when done! We also have small lakes across the roads as well from the heavy rains and melting feilds from thursday, this is crazy!

      50 MPH winds blowing your vehicle around on ice rink condition roads was a joke, add to that abandonded cars and lakes in all the spots you couldn't see feet in front of you was a challenge!!!

      Im going to pick up a new snow blower for my in laws today so tomorrow it will probably be 60 degree's!