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    Greetings to all owners and potential operators,
    The information and questions were flying fast and furious at the highly successful Thursday night (Pre-TransWorld tradeshow event) for 4 scheduled hours in what was the first ever business owners networking event in the nation. After careful consideration and upon reviewing the program speakers, TransWorld accepted Bob Turner's program as an important business event and it was added to the official list of activities. The program was solely developed for the purpose of our seasonal haunt industry needs. The entire 4 hours including the attendees questions and answers will be aviable on DVD March 30 along with the booklet that provides many examples of proper business forms. The 4 speakers included- 1. - Michael Barretta - CPA/MBA/CFP and who also owns a Liberty Tax Service company -spoke on business deductions and on company needs for successful operations in true complience for avoiding an IRS problem 2. Denise Siess from Michigan's Realm of Darkness Haunted House and who is the only haunter who has legally fought the IRS and won her very important Independent Contractor ruling. This has now successfully put into place a protection for all haunters who use this method to pay their staff. 3. Randy Young - a practicing Attorney at Law for Indiana and who has 27 years of commercial haunt experience as a multiple attraction, addressed such questions as logos, contracts, name rights, verbage for locations and tickets, and many many other items . 4 the final presentation was how and why the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park received a 2006 American Red Cross Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action to 3 staff members and 2 owners for saving a life of one of its patrons. What documantations and steps were used in order to make this location safety oriented and its staff so well trained! Complete examples of necessary paperwork that should be in place to assist in avoiding law suits and steps to take in handling emergencys. Pages of details and real information for the existing owners and potential operators.
    Huge Thank You to that great prop company Scare Parts and its owner- Keith Korner from Columbus,Ohio who also saw the need in a program of this type. With their willingness to support it for TransWorld as the main sponsor for this event, we were able to keep the price very reasonable. To Geoff Beck of Cleveland,Ohio for video tapeing our activity, we wish him well with his new make up DVD that was a sure hit of the tradeshow. The cost to order a copy of the X-Treme Networking program is $100.00 and $5.00 shipping. Please feel to contact me at 419 332 7380 office number or to email me at if you are interested in this professionally developed and very informative program.
    "Crazy Bob" Turner "An actual Haunter helping Haunters"
    owner/operator for 18 commercial years in the same location...

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    For IAHA members Only and Frozen Tundra Tour folks

    We have had a number of haunters who have sent in questions and here are the answers on the pricing...
    IAHA does indeed receive a 10% discount off the $100.00 price
    this means that any current member and we do have the updated list from the TWE show, you may purchase the package for $90.00 + $5.00 shipping.
    Frozen Tuntra Tour patrons must use their forms from the bus in order to get their special pricing. Since we were one of the many proud sponsors of that tour we made a major concession for that group. Names from the attendees must match the order forms in order to get that special price. We were happy to hear it also was a huge success!!! Congratulations
    Crazy Bob Turner