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    Yes to add to Barry's reply all our Halloween stores sell it, when they didn't carry it i had them order it for me.

    I use it on quite a few applications and the crowd OOGLES to death about it, they love the look of it.

    Real easy to use, just heat and pour on and let stand for a few minutes.

    If your doing a large open wound i like to go around the indention with it and then tack it with a finger and web it back and forth over the wound, this looks awesome!
    I have a picture i will post, i used it to fill in a missing eye i did on myself last summer but the coloring was terrible(don't laugh!) it was 90 degree's outside and the make up was falling off as i was doing it so i did not color it, i got it applied and called it quits we had a hour car ride to get to a hearse owners meet.

    Like i said i didn't color it so yes i know it dosen't match!