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    Originally posted by John Coen
    I smelled flatulence when I was at the Sinister Scents booth but I don't think it was in a packet.

    Can't blame me for that this year, I was at home! :lol:

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      Sheldon here...

      Due to the overwhelming positive response to Sheldon over the past two years, I've decided to broaden my horizions. On the tail of the TW show, I've decided to host an ebay auction to whore out Sheldon's services next year. The winning bidder will recieve my (Matt) makeup services before opening and Sheldon's "services" during your show for the second weekend in October. The auction will also benefit Shady Oaks Camp in Homer Twnp., IL. Shady Oaks is a summer camp for truly handicapped children that is always in need of financial assistance for maintinance and upkeep. This post is intended to test the receptive waters to see just how successful my auction may be. Anyone interested?


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        You know me man, im the guy with the empty pockets.

        I will not win at any auction but i wuld like to offer my services at the camp.
        If there is any maintenence that a carpenter can handle with a van load of tools just ask. I"ll be glad to drive down for the day and help out.

        I promise i won't wear my skirt or diaper,don't want the kids to have that lasting memory! :: Who's the ugly chick with the toolbelt!::


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          Thanks for the offer Kev but there's a high dollar development that's being built adjacent to Shady Oaks right now. The developer has been lending its workforce to Shady Oaks for repairs and remodels. They still have to be paid for, however.


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            I see mr sheldon. To bad they don't just donate their time and help that would make them look like hero's in the publics eyes.
            Next time they want that prime chunk of land the city might grant it a little quicker.

            But i know as well as you do most developers are shady people, just getting what they need and not much more!

            So Matt, do you vollunteer there? Help the kiddies? Scare the kiddies? And im assuming thats how Sheldon was created? You studied the little tikes didn't you! You sicko! LOL


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              Actually, I've known Scott Steele, the director of the camp, for several years now. I used to be involved with another haunt that donated a percentage of their gross to the camp. Oddly enough, in my daytime life, I'm part of the workforce that's working on the adjacent development. I ran into Scott last week after going to Shady Oaks to repair a leaking water line. We got to talking about the TW show and this auction idea was born later that night. The ages of the campers ranges from 6 the 40 with ailments ranging from MS to Cerebal Palsy. I've never personally interacted with the campers.

              Sheldon came from the desire to make people uncomfortable. Nothing more.


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                Sheldon, we are STILL squirming about watching you 'inject' that 'blood' up your nose. Man! Your sinus cavaties must be a night mare. *shudder*


                Ken, we didn't get any scents this year 'cause I'm taking the year 'off' from doing a haunt. We'll do the yard and play around at our FRIENDS' haunts! We haven't had a chance to go spook with Ben for years. My best people are getting psyched up about making a road trip to scare folks in Atlanta.

                But don't worry, Ken! Hubby bought a nifty mask and some Dream Reapers shirts. We've already been wearing them around Chattanooga. They've been getting good reviews.

                I TRIED to bring you guys an armload of swag, but didn't EXPLAIN the situation to my over eager assistant Igor. The Swag was supposed to be for the Dream Reapers CREW - NOT the people standing in line with us. :roll: But what the hey? Igor was having fun handing it out. The ladies who got the beads & flags were happy. I got it all for free from the Rubies' party. It's all good.

                But I was wondering where the balloons went...
                The child is grown, the dream is gone.
                I have become comfortably numb.


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                  That's where thos came from LOL!!!
                  I got the balloons!..well there is one left!
                  Gee could it get any better than this?