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My TW Thoughs of YOU....PLEASE READ!

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  • My TW Thoughs of YOU....PLEASE READ!

    What do those two letters mean to you? To most of us here, it stands for Transworld. But for me, from February 21 - 25, 2006, the letters TW transformed themselves into Total Wonderment.

    It was not just one single experience, but several all woven into one. This Total Wonderment brought me to tears, made me laugh uncontrollably and face fears I never thought I’d have the guts to do.

    I met individuals I hope will forever be a permanent addition to my life. Upon being with them, I felt as though I was not alone in this venture of hauntdom – I’m part of a family.

    So, family....
    I would like to use words to give you kudos and hugs – to show you just how you have touched my life this past week. If I leave anyone out, it was not intentional. Just drop me a PM and I will make the correction.

    Rich H. - Dude, I guess it’s safe to say now that you are my idol. You make me go all hormonal. You could probably tell that by my silence and the “deer in the headlights” look every time you came around. I wasn’t silent because I had nothing to say – I was in awe. Your first haunt video was the first one I ever owned. You opened my eyes to so much and continued to do so on the bus trip. Anger derives from being dis-empowered – you are so correct! For who you are in my life, I will always hold you up on a pedestal.

    Jonathon (Rotting Flesh Radio) - J, I absolutely love you! I love the love you have for the industry. I love how you have ALL of our backs no matter how big or small. I love that you are a family man and the love you have for your wife and sweet little precious. You're one in a great million and I'm so lucky to know you!

    Brad - Single ladies, if you are looking for a sweet, patient, down to earth guy who loves all things haunted, look no further! Brad put up with me laughing hysterically and always had his arms open for hugs whenever he saw me. What a sweetie! And besides all that, he’s “as cute as a butt.” (Inside joke)

    Rondini (xxxdirk) - Ron, while we were riding the bus to Dream Reapers, the one single thing you said to me let me know how kind hearted you are. Letting me know that there were two characters who were portrayed as special needs in the haunt and giving me the heads-up due to my sensitivity on such matters meant the world to me. Thank you for that. And thanks for the magic tricks. I’m still trying to figure out where that nickel went! :shock:

    Larry K. - Thanks for sharing your haunted beginnings with me. I thought you began as a big shot and I was wrong. It brings you in a new light for me. One that lets me know you understand how it feels to be someone like me just starting out.

    Kel - Who would have thought that me, the youngest of three girls, had to go way to Chicago to finally meet the man who should have been my brother. My trip would not have been so enjoyable if it weren’t for you. Now that you have entered my haunted life, I cannot imagine it without you. I just simply did not have enough time with you and look forward to when we can be together again.

    Tattoo - Oh, my dear, sweet, Tattoo. To be honest, words cannot truly express my feelings for you. Even now, as I am writing this, tears are falling. Your kindness and concern for my welfare went far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I want you to know that wherever I go, no matter what direction my haunt takes, a piece of you will always be permanently carried in my heart. I guess you choose the right name, didn’t you?

    Ken S. - If it were possible for me to begin a haunt with anyone in this industry, you would be my first choice. Not only are you gifted and knowledgeable in every area of haunting, but you have such a wonderful personality that makes you such an enjoyable person to be around. Thank you for everything!

    Chad S. - You and I never got the chance to sit down and chat. But, I was watching you. LOL! And I liked what I saw. Thanks for being so kind to me, not only at TW, but on an everyday basis where it truly counts.

    ScarlettP - Girl!! We just absolutely DID NOT have enough time to talk. What a personality that writing on the forums just does not do justice for. Sisters we are and I cannot wait until we can get to know each other better. Btw, I WANT THOSE EARRINGS!!

    Gridbug - Nice to meet you, Sweetie! We didn’t get a chance to really chat, but I like you for the simple fact that you have Scar’s back. Promise me the next time we’re in the same building we’ll get to know each other better, okay?

    Todd (Maverick) - I’m gonna get you, Todd! LOL! I never saw you out of your costume - only on video - but it didn’t matter. You stole my heart from the moment you opened your mouth....and licked your tongue. Such dedication and belief in what you are doing. I LOVE that. Oh and uh..thanks for making me laughing uncontrollably!

    Virgil - I think you’re probably the only one whom I do not have to explain my feelings to. You and I seem to have this connection. You know my feelings before I say them. It’s so weird because out of everyone here and my imagine of what they might be, you were the only one I got completely correct. They say to surround yourself with the type of people you want your life to reflect. I want to be surrounded by happiness and a complete calm – I need to be surrounded by more people like you, Virgil.

    Tyler (Nightgore) - What a Sweetheart with a capital “S”!!! Your love and zeal for this industry is sooo envied by me. I also envy those who will work with you when you feel the time is right. And your talent...YIKES! There so much there it’s coming out of your ears, Honey. Promise this ole lady that we will spend more time together next time, okay? Give my love to your sweetie!

    Kevin G. (Nightshade Manor) - Honey, what a pair we make, huh? It was SOOO good to sit, observe and report back, wasn’t it? LOL! I had such a good time with you. Besides just being a great buddy to sit with, I loved talking shop with you. Hearing your experiences and thoughts of the future is never, ever boring. Have you ever thought about giving a seminar? You definitely have that presence. Can’t wait to shoot the breeze with you again!

    Dan F. - Oh, my GAWD...what a sexy man! The shaved head, goatee and thin’s workin’ for ya, Honey! And to imagine of you on the forums was that of a old man. You’re younger than me! LOL! Thanks for being so sweet to me. Those long arms of yours made this Empress feel just like the name she chose.

    Ralis K. - What a complete package you are! The talent, the looks, the presence – you’re all I thought you would be and so much more. I need to catch one of your concerts. I’ve heard they are off the hook and that I believe. They have to be if you’re involved. I have taken your comments on airbrush makeup very seriously and will be going with your suggestions. Hope to run into you again someday. The pleasure would be all mine!

    Frank (Frankenhausers) - You and I just couldn’t seem to stay out of each other’s sight - not that we wanted to. Everywhere we turned, there was the other. I was drawn to you from the beginning when I saw you standing there alone swigging your beer. There was something about your presence that was so inviting. You greeted me with such friendliness and from then on I knew I’d found a friend.....all the way from Germany. And aren’t I lucky because you are a human GPS! Just perfect for me since, as you know, I have a terrible since of direction. I don’t think I ever would have gotten out of the convention center without you. I refuse for our friendship to begin and end with these conventions. Let’s stay in contact, okay?

    Joel (ClusterOne) - Neighbor, I’m so glad you and I had a chance to spend some time together. Even though we have visited each other on occasion, eating, drinking and just plain sitting with someone gives you more insight into who they are. I like you, Joel. I wasn’t always sure of that, but now I am. And because of that, I will make you this promise – I will come see your haunt this season.....and scream my head off! LOL!

    Tim T. (Ghoulish Gallery) - Well, what could I possibly say about you that hasn't been said before? You're the pulse of this industry, ya know. You bring hope where feelings have been trampled on. You befriend those you have never laid eyes on and you carry yourself with such assurance. All these things make you someone I am very proud to know. Thank you for being there for me when I felt violated.

    Jen S. (Scream Queen Marketing) - Va, Va, Va, Voom! Fellas, if you didn't get a chance to see this beauty...YOU MISS IT! BUT, don't think she's all beauty and no brains. Not this woman! She knows her marketing stuff and continues to help me when I'm at my wits end. Thank you, Jen!

    Blood City/Burial Chamber - ALL of you were fabulous! Your haunts were great and you treated me with complete kindness in and out of your haunts. I’ve taken ideas from your haunts back to the West Coast with me and cannot wait to implement them. The way your floorplan is designed is incredible! It allows actors to access the entire haunt without special “boo boxes” to hem them in. I am SO gonna use that concept! Kudos to the Burial Chamber’s owner for allowing me to take pics of his design.

    Terror on the Fox - WOW! Just absolutely one of the best haunts I have ever had the pleasure of freezing my butt off for. Fabulous in every single way. The facade, the complete attention to detail and your actors –which by the way, are OUTSTANDING – made withstanding the cold worth it. Did you know I snuck through twice? Beaker, you’re just as sweet as they come, Honey. Don’t ever change! Your haunt has also inspired ideas I’ve brought back with me to my haunt. Terror on the Fox has indeed made me a better haunter! You also helped me to face a fear I’ve had for over three decades. You didn’t belittle, but rather embraced me. For this alone, I will never forget you.

    Dream Reapers - You know when people say, “This is the room I could die in?” Well, this is the haunt I could definitely die in.....and you have enough coffins for me to choose from. I loved this place. It made this big beautiful sistah jump...can you believe that? I leaped once I hit the clown room. I felt like a kid as I jumped, clapped and laughed silly. Clowns is our theme this year and that room alone inspired so many ideas. If there was a picture next to the word “detail” in the dictionary, Dream Reapers would be the image. There is no way on earth someone could possibly pass through once or twice and see all the detail. Heck, a dozen times wouldn’t be enough. Oh, and the smells! I’m so sensitive to smells so you had me coming and going with your Sinister Scents of which I’m going to buy. Thank you for making it possible for me to see, in my opinion, one of the greatest shows on earth.

    My Future 3rd and 4th Ex-Husbands

    Shady B (TOTF) - Yummy! I guess that’s an odd word to use to describe someone, but it’s the first one that came to mind. You’ve got style (that black hat was kickin’!), you’ve got grace (Love the way you dance in the window) and that “come hither voice” makes a woman want to do just that....come hither. I’m looking forward to drooling again someday.

    *** Tattoo - If you know who I’m talking about, make sure he sees this message, okay? He’s the one who dances in the window and has the two long breads hanging from his goatee.***

    Brian (Dream Reapers) - You’re a man of mystery to me for the simple fact I never saw you out of makeup. Remember the first time I saw you? You were one of the characters Rondini warned me about. When you came up to me in the queue line, for a split second, I wasn’t so sure about you. With the costume of a mental patient, plugs cut in your hair and the “Hi” you kept repeating over and over to me made me step back....but, something changed. Don’t’ ask me what (could have been those gorgeous eyes), but it caused me to reach out, touch your arm and answer “Hi” back. Then later on came the water and the eyebrow shaving which further cemented my feelings for the character. After the haunt was over, I explained to you that I have a child with Autism and that was probably the reason why I reacted to you in the way I did. You totally understood and I appreciate that.
    It was totally amazing running into you again at the center the next day and the funny thing is, I didn’t know it was you until you mentioned “shaving eyebrows.” After looking in your eyes, it all registered that you were the character in the haunt. The airbrush makeup you were wearing was AWESOME, by the way! What a lovely man you are, Brian. You make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. You’re an excellent haunt actor and Dream Reapers is very blessed to have you.

    *** Ken S. - If you know who I’m talking about, make sure he sees this message, okay?***

    Well, that’s it...for now. Again, if I have left anyone out, send me a PM and I’ll get right on it.

    Much love to all of you!

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    It was a pleasure meeting you... You are the REAL DEAL! Believe when I say you're the kindest, most honest person I know; that's actually sad on my front if you think about it! LOL!

    I'm glad that you had an awesome time in Chicago... I can't wait to see your haunt this year because I know after TW your probably oozing out of the brim with ideas.


    PS: Morgan says Hi!!
    Chris Riehl


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      Heya Empress, was good seeing you, sorry didnt have time to chat!
      Buried deep beneath Darksyde acres Haunted house In Michigan I'm the Best at what I do, What I do Isn't very NICE!


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        With total disappointment Gwen, that we didn't meet this weekend.

        Do have plans for attending any other events this year?
        Thanks, Jeff


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          It was great meeting you Empress 8) Even if all I could get in was little more than a 'Hi' with all the gossip between you & Ms Scarlett - LOL

          It was great seeing all of you!


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            Thank you for the kind words Empress. I loved talking to you everytime I saw you and it does mean the world to me that you love me soo much.

            THank you and can't wait until next time.

            "The Original Haunt Industry, Halloween and Horror Podcast"

            "Bringing Halloween to Disabled and Less Fortunate Children"


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              GWEN!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

              I loved hanging out with you, and I think it would have been so much fun if you and Virgil had stayed for our pizza fest at Giordana's.
              I had so much fun hangin out with you. And thanks for beeing king to me when I was really drunk!

              I can't wait to see you again soon.

              And I love beeing "as cute as a butt" for you!!

              Much Love,
              Brad Bowen
              Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                You summed up each of those people so well! I too wish we had a chance to meet. I asked about you a few times and it seemed we were never in the same place at the same time. Maybe next year.



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                  Gwen.. you got me.. big time!! I could almost hear your thoughts!! :shock:

                  Ask Jonathan if I'm the "peaceful one"! :wink:

                  I can honestly say that you were ABSOLUTELY everything I
                  could have imagined....

                  Love you much.... stay in touch!!
                  Virgil: Master Of The Ethermuse


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                    i see how it is



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                      Originally posted by steve
                      i see how it is

                      Oh my goodness!

                      Steve - He was awesome! I didn't recognize him, of course since he was incognito - one of the best clown costumes I have ever seen. He called me by name and after my asking, showed me his ID. I was so happy to finally meet him and reach out for a hug only to step back and ask for permission to do so while in costume. He shook his head "Yes."
                      Awesome to hug ya, Steve! Maybe next time, we can do it without so much makeup between us. :wink:


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                        Steve! where the hell were you??? I was hoping to run into you at the show! Did I see you and not recognize you?

                        Gwendel, our trip would not have been the same without you there!!! You had my emotions all over the place. I'm never going to forget sitting at the IAHA meeting and not knowing why you were laughing hysterically. You had pretty much lost it! :lol: Once you pointed out to me what was so funny, I thought I was going to drop to the floor laughing. Todd, you were responsible for what I'm talking about! Did we ever get to chat Todd? I just realized from Gwen's post that you were in the costume the whole time.

                        Chris Riehl


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                          DAMNIT TODD!!! During that wonderful speech by Mrs. Neil, you had was nearly screaming in laughfter on our row. Me, Gwen, and Kel couldn't stop laughing!!

                          I'm cracking up right now just thinking about it. That was classic!!

                          I know plenty of people were looking at us wondering what the hell we were laughing at.
                          Brad Bowen
                          Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                            I think I can be heard on the video being filmed. I'm STILL in tears when I think about it. My apologizes to Cyndey or anyone else I may have disturbed, I just absolutely could not help it. :lol: :lol: :lol:


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                              aww Gwen you have me blushin... I was so happy to meet you cause you are a real good soul. Love you hon and looking forward to when our ships pass again
                     Or if you need makeup or supplies

                              "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"