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Great Building, Great Price, Bad Location

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    Aggressive groups of people from 50 miles away can also end up in confrontations in very rural settings, as told to me. All the local county mounties had to be called to stop the BS.
    These two groups just didn't like each other at all, and they all had driven away from home, only to meet up again, in the country.
    You just never know?


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      Sounds like it would be worth getting. Parking may not be the greatest but is there other lots or street parking available? Most of the haunted houses I've been to in Kansas City people say oh thats a bad side of town or there in a rough part of K.C. But I've never experienced anything bad attending the Beast or Edge of Hell. They have paid police officers on hand. So you might have to go that route. If it keeps down on the riff raff.
      Damon Carson


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        I have no idea if it was prompted by some bad experience or not but one I went to that sees 20,000 to 30,000 have the walk thru and hand held metal detection equipment just like you are going into the court house. This was done by police and if you had some item to declare it was put in the trunk of their car with your driver's license to reclaim it.

        The trunk was kind of full of stuff and weighted down. My what big knives other people are carrying to look cool.

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