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My Transworld/Chicago Trip Report

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  • My Transworld/Chicago Trip Report

    Hey guys,
    As I am still waking-up from a needed nap due to MANY hours of lost sleep, here is my trip report from the haunt show.

    Saturday, Feb. 23rd:
    We arrived at the center around 8:30am where we ran into some "local boys" from back home. Josh Wells ( and his crew... Josh and I took our acting class together; rough times! lol!

    At 9am sharp the convention opened and I was instantly stunned by Oak Island's booth! All I can say is that it was amazing and I hope someone will post pictures of it. John and his crew were great and I had several conversations with one of his crew (name escapes me right now) and he was very nice to talk too.

    Then I walked over to the RFR booth and said hey to Jon... had to thank him for his work in getting us into the show! I gave RFR a shout and headed to some other booths.

    Some of my FAVORITE booths where:
    Oak Island
    Unit 70
    Rotting Flesh Radio
    Boneyard Productions (those models where SO cool)
    Sinister Scents
    Creative Visions
    SPFX Masks
    Shipwreck Prod.

    Around 1pm we were starting to get hungry so we went over to the haunters pavillion and grabbed a bit to eat. Here we saw the AMAZING shirts designed by Mr. Chad Savage... Congrats man! After we ate we were lucky enough to run into Gwen... AND I GAVE HER A BIG HUG!!! Gwen is ONE of the nicest people you could ever meet. Gwen, we love you!

    We left the show at 2 because we had to check-in at our hotel at 3... that was all good.

    At 6:45 we arrived at Giordonas pizza for the meet up. Here we met Brad, Vick (sorry if I got that wrong), Kelly, Lee, Mari (?), Joel, Larry, Mindtumor (sorry but your name escapes me right now)... What a great time! After taking some pictures of all of us and chatting about, well, everthing... we enjoyed some amazing Chicago pizza.

    After the meet-up we walked with Kelly's crew and Vick to the center and left on the bus too Dream Reapers. This haunt is STUNNINGLY AWESOME! The actors, make-up, sets, lighting, and oh... THE SMELL! I loved this haunt but I did not get to do the lights on tour because it had been almost 3 days with NO sleep and it was getting to us.

    So off to the hotel and then too some much needed sleep!

    Sunday, Feb. 24th:
    Pretty much the same as before... Congrats to BodyBagging for doing some AWESOME make-up. Here I met and talked with Lynton V. Harris, Rex Hamilton, Rich Hanf, and Dee Snider. Overall it was a good day... I had a TON of fun!

    But it didn't end that happy! Our flight home had been cancelled and rescheduled for the next day. But with NO hotel... we were forced to sit and wait at the O'Hare Airport. Then I recieved a call saying that our flight was cancelled AGAIN! Moving our arrival home too Monday. Hell no! I made a quick call and a very loving family member DROVE up to get us. THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


    To Kelly and Lee: You guys are SO WONDERFULLY NICE!!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS! Lee, your so funny and an obsessive drinker... just so you know. Kel, THANK YOU so much for everything you've done! Your such a great guy... and believe when I say that I am considering Arkansas!

    To Gwen: WE LOVE YOU! You are the nicest person in the world! Thanks so much for what you did for us, when you didn't have too! If there is anything I can do for you ever, just let me know. I know your haunt will go great this year because I REALLY know just how twisted you are!

    To Larry: It was great meeting you... and thanks for stopping by the meet-up. Honestly, without you NONE of this would happen!

    To Virgil: Man, I can't wait until the new CD comes out! Thanks for the shirts, Morgan and I LOVE THEM! Your such a cool guy and a true inspiration! Good luch with your performance coming up... you'll be amazing!

    To Jonathan: Thanks so much man! If it weren't for you... we wouldn't have come at all! Your so cool and a well rounded, down to earth person. You were busy ALL THE TIME yet you still took time out to talk to us! Very cool man! Can't wait to hear the next show!


    So overall it was awesome, made some AMAZING friends, have some great memories... and I really CANNOT wait until next year.

    Thanks so much EVERYBODY!!! -Tyler and Morgan
    Chris Riehl

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    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you had a blast, Tyler!
    It is awesome to hear that there was so much bonding, us haunters really do form our own "special" family.

    I can't wait to hear from everyone else.


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      Glad you had a good time, Tyler!

      A big welcome back to everyone who went to TW! We missed you!


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        My name is Jared. I didn't catch everyone's name that was at the dinner either. We missed Emperess and Virgil, I hope everything was ok.
        Jared Layman


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          That was a great weekend!

          Tyler im sorry the only chance to say anything to you was during your walk through at DR! I hope my asking your Fiance to share you was OK! I really wish you would have stuck around to swap panty's! You are a cutey you STUD! :shock: LOL

          I had a great time at TW and DR as usual.
          I apologize as well if I said anything stupid during my drunken oblivion at the Crowne but hey it seemed there were quite a few pounding them back,just shows we haunters can party! The Crowne will be Missed!

          Sorry to all that Babyman didn't make it on saturday, i had done make up for an hour just to get down to the hotel parking lot and my ride said no way!

          There are lots of pics to come from my crew in the next few days.we"ll post links when we have them loaded.

          Heres one for starters, Myself and the Captain Satan in the Billy house!


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            All I can say is that my liver and I are really tired!

            Great weekend minus the cancelled/delayed/overbooked flights out of O'Hare. I got "stranded" at TW. ha.

            Nice meeting everyone!



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              Was a great year once again and THank you for the kind words Tyler. It is appreciated.

              I am glad that you had a great time and made some good new friends.

              On to Vegas!

              "The Original Haunt Industry, Halloween and Horror Podcast"

              COSTUMES FOR KIDS
              "Bringing Halloween to Disabled and Less Fortunate Children"


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                Tyler-Man it was nice to finally meet you. Getting to sit by yall and Mari and Lee was a lot of fun! I ate way to much pizza! But it was for a good cause. I might be getting with you some time soon about a radio ad. design. I'll have to see how my cards play out in the next few months.
                Either way- I'll see you in Vegas!

                VEGAS BABY!!!

                Rachel, I'm with you on that one. Both Friday and Saturday nights were long, fun and pretty expensive. And I felt the after-effects each morning after.
                Brad Bowen
                Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                  Is was great to meet you too... And yeah, do did eat too much pizza. But could ya not, that was some freaking awesome pizza! lol! Yeah, our end of the table was the best... heehee... Lee was hilarious! Oh.. BTW... Morgan says hello!

                  See ya' in Vegas! -Tyler
                  Chris Riehl


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                    Originally posted by Rachel
                    All I can say is that my liver and I are really tired!

                    Great weekend minus the cancelled/delayed/overbooked flights out of O'Hare. I got "stranded" at TW. ha.

                    Nice meeting everyone!

                    You party girl, hardly had time to talk with you this year.
                    But I did get to meet "Nude Boy" though!! LOL :shock:
                    Thanks, Jeff



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                      SUP MORGAN!!

                      It was fun hanging out on OUR END. It was the best end anyways.
                      Brad Bowen
                      Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                        Well it looks like ya'll didnt get harmed to and from the convention by NUMBER 23!! I see your thread before had you a little worried.
                        Brad Bowen
                        Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                          OH! Yeah, Morgan was so freaking scared... I held her hand and saying "It'll be ok... I love you"! But everything turned out OK and we had an awesome time in Chicago!

                          But the 23's... yeah, a little wierd! -Tyler
                          Chris Riehl


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                            Hey Tyler, it was great hanging with you, Morgan and the rest of the gang! It really felt more like a family reunion than meeting so many in person for the first time. What a lot of great people! I actually spent part of the day with Lee and Brad working on the facade. We're getting ready to put it back up for our Spring Break event. Mari has been pounding the keyboard working on gathering the Fright Team and working out all the logistics of the show. It's going to be interesting to see how the attendance works out for the March event. I guess time will tell!

                            Chris Riehl


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                              Kel- you should've been on our end of the table. Lee had us going all night. We had a great time.
                              Brad Bowen
                              Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA