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  • NO Thank You Scarefactory

    Never have I experienced such poor customer service as I have with David Fauchman and Scarefactory. Our marriage was good when I spent $50,000 with him last year, but the honeymoon quickly came to an end and this year, I have been battling for custody of my money I spent. We never recieved our product or replies to repeated questions via phone, email or texts for fire retardent documentation pr when we migt expect our order so we were left little choice to cancel our order. However, they certanly made sure to charge my credit card twice for the entire purchase amount. I can go on and on, but see little point as the divorce is final. I will prefer to deal personally with those vendors and manufacturers who want my business and in return provide proper customer service.
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    Scare Factory

    That is why I have not bought anything from Dave in 4 or 5 years.. Believe me you would not want it after you got it unless your a master welder and have a degree in engineering...


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      I appreciate you being one of the very very few who ever has a complaint with a vendor to let us know your real name, phone number, your haunt and whatever else. Now at the very least the vendor can contact you and discuss this issue and hopefully and I'm nearly positive will resolve this issue with you.

      Vendors can't contact a customer if they have no clue who they are!

      I'm sure this will get resolved.

      Larry Kirchner


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        Thank you so much for posting this. I know this is a little old but it's helping me decide which guys to start buying for my first haunt with.

        You're the 3rd or 4th person I've read / heard of having an issue with them on. Hopefully this is a rare occurrence.


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          I've read all the negative posts about Scarefactory and was afraid of buying from them. But I did last year and couldn't be happier. The equipment I ordered at Transworld was delivered in the end of April. I was so happy with the quality and customer service I ordered 3 more animations. Everything worked and still works. Every phone call was returned and every email was answered. I am not denying that they could have problems in the past, but that wasn't the case from my experience with them. I already have ordered most of my 2012 order. I am about to add a few more items to complete.

          Brian Mudgett
          Scream Apocalypses
          Vancouver, WA


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            Email seems to be hit or miss with David which I wish it wasn't.


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              Scare Factory

              I don't know why some people have had a problem, we just ordered 2 pretty large items, they returned all our calls, and the items came in under 2 months as David said. The products are well built and look great so I support them all the way.
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                You can't have as much great looking crap as they do without being successful. EVERYONE will have a different view. But the thing about it is, there will be customers that you will never please, and there will also be deals that go sour due to bad luck and so on.

                They have some HUGE stuff, some great looking items and a BIG variety. I just don't see a company getting that much stuff going and be total crap. In my opinion, they're probably a great company that's had some issues, which we all have issues from time to time.

                The only thing that bothers me, is I see a lot of replies about their welding / steel frames needing beefed up. Hopefully they're a company that acknowledges flaws and fixes them when possible.

                I've made my mind up, the 2nd year we're open, we'll be ordering some stuff from them regardless of what else we read / hear. If i'm repeating something already said I apologize, just saw the thread revisited so I thought I'd put in my two cents, since I've gotten a little more input on them.