IV got A Zombie/biohazardous/quarintine/CDC themed haunt. Itís made of Tarp and wood and made to look makeshift in the case of an emergency. I want to know what you think this haunt could use and I would also love to hear any suggestions. This year it consists of/a already.

-storage area
-medic lab with specimen cage near by
-dug up body with biohazard containment coffin
-few hallways
-cloth covered victim bodies in various areas (some actors some not)
-deployment and work area with CDC van
-5 fog machines varying from 400 - 1000 watt, 1 chilled
-5 strobes one large, 4 medium
-various biohazard containers as props
-black lights are to be determined
-chainsaw actor
-zombie actors
-CDC personnel actors
-Survivors actors
-Air compressor with work in progress props
-gasmask and NBC suits for survivors
-various signs and survivor writings
-Flood lights with various colors
-Mechanic lights that hang throughout the halls

And does anyone know how to make corded lights dim and/or flicker and what not; my hanged lights are far too bright.