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  • RE: Special Invitation to all attending TW!

    Hey all,

    My name is L. Dale Walter, and I am the director for Knights of Iron Stage Combat Team. On Saturday, Feb 24, we will be performing our Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse show at the Halloween Extravaganza Vampire Ball, by very special arrangement with TransWorld.

    Simply put, the show flat out ROCKS. It features a live heavy metal band onstage, and a plot that has a "good" female vampire, played by martial arts sensation (and real hottie) Jordan Trovillian, battling evil Vampires in an attempt to save an innocent girl from a gruesome fate. It doesn't look good for the victim as she is chained to a 10 foot high St. Andrews cross and tortured by a horrific vampire lord, played by 6 foot 7 inch monster Ken Ott and his vampire minions. The battle rages "good versus evil" with broadswords, katanas, a HUGE battle axe, and more, LIVE ONSTAGE to the rocking soundtrack. Will good triumph? You will have to see the show to find out...

    Generally all of our shows play to huge festival type crowds, but TransWorld has gone the extra mile to bring our show to all of you attending the convention, and the Halloween Extravaganza party. You won't want to miss it. This show does carry a STRONG "R" rating due to violence and sexuality. You have been warned...

    Please come by our booth in the Haunt Pavilion and meet Ken and Jordan, as they will be on hand for pictures and to sign autographs from 12-2 PM on Saturday the 24th. Plus check out some of the other shows we have done, and talk to one of our representatives about how Knights of Iron can design a show for your event.

    For a preview, please go to our website at

    We hope to see you there

    L. Dale Walter
    Knights of Iron

    Knights of Iron are sponsored by Rico Jr. Guitars, and play them in Netherworld: Vampire Apocalypse, because they demand the best!

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    So how was the show???
    Oh thats right no power no show
    Gee could it get any better than this?


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      I am so bummed. I attended th vamp ball, paid $75 for 2 of us. The band was rocking and just plain kicked ass. Vampires, swords, heavy metal music, hottie girls, martial arts and then boom 15 minutes into the night, power failure. I left after 60 minutes waiting in the dark... Wonder if there will be any credit for a future event Or if you need makeup or supplies

      "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"


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        Did everyone get their money back?

        Larry Kirchner


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          We could have gotten our money back ??

          Who do I have to track down to convince them to give a refund ?

          Because, yea, I got two tix and no fun. :^(
          Michael Bruner

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            Vampires, swords, hottie girls, and no lights...sounds light fun to me. :twisted:
            Louis Brown
            Owner, operator, and dish washer
            DarkWood Manor


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              Funniest thing about it was that when the lights went off, most people didn't even blink an eye. Bunch of people used to working in the dark anyway...


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                Actually, when it happened, at 1st I was thinking it was part of the show. Like maybe the lights would come on and the vamps would suddenly start dancing with glowsticks or something like in Blade. Alas, nope we just sat there waiting, waiting waiting........ I still think some of us are still sitting there.....
       Or if you need makeup or supplies

                "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"