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    What are some of your opinions on trailor haunts?

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    I think any ghosts would have difficulty residing in those thin walls, and there won't be a basement nor an attic! Very unfriendly abode for haunting.
    I would rather move into an unmarked truckstop grave.
    Scaring the lot-lizards would be fun!


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      I hear there are good ones... I've just never seen anything in a trailer that wasn't in a local traveling carny... and those all SUCKED!
      The child is grown, the dream is gone.
      I have become comfortably numb.


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        Are you talking a mobile rig, or one that you buy the trailers and keep them assembeled somewhere? I have worked with a trailer haunt that was set up year around, and although it's easier to build (wall and ceiling already built) you are restricted to the 8x25 trailer. Send me a PM or reply to this if you have and specific questions.
        "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"


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          I've seen the Freakling Bros. shows (Mortuary & Castle Vampire), The Asylum and Hotel Fear in Las Vegas and was floored by what they did with trailers! I guess it just depends on the quality of the show itself.

          The carnival trailers/dark rides never really did much for me, either, Scar. (Of course, here, you really only get the traveling ones, too.)


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            I've been to the haunted funeral home at Fear Fest in St. Louis. They did a really good job on it. It didnt even look like you were in a trailer. The only bad thing is there not very long but they made theres longer with a courtyard / cemetary on the outside of the trailers. I can say I liked it though.
            Damon Carson


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              One thing with a trailer setup, is that you really need trailers that have an access door towards the front on either side. Get seeral trailers together that have this, set them side by side, and that is your pathway from one trailer to another. I have mixed emotions about trailer haunt, so I can't really give my opinion.
              Brad Bowen
              Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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                I wouldn't refuse to buy a trailer just because it doesn't have side doors. The haunt I know of cut their own doors out and framed it with wood.
                "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"


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                  As an adult who already had a haunted house of my own I admit it I was scared once in a carnival trailer haunted house.
                  As we rode the bumpy, junky car through it in the dark and the little bumper car was pointing us at various static displays(that looked to be the product of some 5th grade art class flunk out), I could dimmly see the guy that sold us the tickets running through the place trying to get ahead of the car, put on a mask and then scare us at a certain point. I was afraid that in the dark, running as he was, trying to do what he was trying to do, that he would stumble and fall on us as we sat there helplessly.
                  Clumsy people can hurt you alot.


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                    I sent you a PM Mr. Haunt
                    "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"


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                      Trailer haunt

                      First if you cut doors in a trailer it needs to be framed with steel, not wood to keep it structurally sound!

                      Here is a description and pics of our trailer haunt which is for sale ($60k)

                      Our customers did not realize it was trailers and it can be set up FAST! You also have the advantage of being able to work on it all year round!.


                      Contact Jim Upchurch at 708.243.6864 or email for more info.

                      The trailer show is available independently for $60,000. The remaining inventory for $60,000 or everything for $115,000

                      12 semi trailers, 6 of which make up a trailer show.

                      Trailer Show

                      All run with 5 circuits in EMT,
                      One circuit for emergency
                      Show control and scene lights
                      House lights

                      liquid tite for trailer to trailer connections,
                      1/2 inch hard piped air line with quick connect every 10 feet
                      doors framed with 2 inch channel,
                      reinforced thresh holds with 3x4 inch angle
                      Emergency lighting, smoke detectors hard wired throughout

                      Trailer 1

                      Foyer,Main electrical panel, raising stairs, cd player,amp, speakers
                      Study, bookcase exit
                      Pages (detailed passageway)

                      Trailer 2

                      Toy Room, dance lighting, toy box pop out
                      Bathroom, air cannon, drop down, bose powered speakers
                      Bedroom, under bed pop out

                      Trailer 3

                      Closet, pop out
                      Attic, animated rocking chair, peppers ghost, animated wheelchair, animated baby, 2 animated trunks, speakers, cd player, gilderfluke minibrick,

                      Trailer 4

                      Victorian hallway (translucent uv murals appear in a hall of doors)
                      Falling wall
                      Pop out, bose powered speakers

                      Trailer 5

                      Kitchen, walk through refrigerator, animated cabinets
                      Boiler room, animated lockers, tilting barrel, 60gallon compressor

                      Trailer 6 (new dolly legs)

                      Slatted wall hallway,
                      Cellar with shock drop floor (studio tek), gilderfluke minibrick and sd25 mp3 audio player, speakers
                      Church (unfinished) with pews and monks

                      Steel ramps down to courtyard
                      20+ tombstones, animated dog, animated “doug a grave”

                      Costume and makeup trailer
                      Power, lights, 2 side entrances, insulated “reefer” trailer, external lights, dressing room, “kitchen” costume area, lockers, shelving, seating. Costumes, accessories for over 100 actors. Box of misc cake and airbrush makeups, prosthetics, etc

                      40’x100’ pole tent

                      2 10’x 30’ frame tents

                      20,000+ sq ft Camo netting,

                      Scarefactory giant demon

                      Approx 200-300 walls, 100 scrap walls (all fire treated at some point)

                      CITC FX Polar controller, dmx ground fogger ($4,500 new)

                      American DJ fog chiller

                      2 fx-100 foggers

                      3 500 watt amplified PA speakers

                      45’ Trailer full of misc hardware, props, lights, general haunt junk, vortex parts (enough to make one) costumes, snenic pieces etc.

                      35’ trailer lined with steel pallet rack shelves and molds, fluorescent lighting
                      vertical proofing oven, work table, translucent ceiling, 4 50lb bags of hydrocal, misc airbrushes and spare airbrush parts and hoses, airbrush manifold

                      45’Trailer, double side door in center, 1/2 full of lumber (most fire treated). Remainder, walls, steel, building materials, gratings, steel caging, extruded metal sheets, sheet metal, etc.

                      40’ drop deck trailer

                      45’ trailer

                      Trailers contain some of the below and then some

                      12 steel drums, 12 plastic 55G barrels

                      4 12’ roof trusses, 4 10’ roof trusses

                      Steel bridges

                      1600+ sq, ft vinyl siding

                      custom built commutator for 110v and sound for spinning room

                      motorized commutator

                      4 sets of pressure treated steps

                      8 american dj uv wash fixtures

                      13 air cannons

                      4 11g accumulators

                      30+ diabolico panels

                      misc cylinders, valves and fittings

                      3 bins of airlines

                      2 50’ 1/2’’id Goodyear air lines and fittings

                      clamp lights

                      Boxes of misc wire

                      Boxes of misc speakers and sound equipment

                      Extension cords (lots of em)

                      4ft fluorescent fixtures

                      30+ track lighting fixtures

                      collapsible box office with plexi windows

                      40’x40’ fr vinyl scrim

                      2 16’x16’ fr vinyl scrims

                      black fr vinyl scrim (5’ wide)

                      dentist chair

                      Thousands of sq ft of FR vinyl material, beige, white and mostly black of course. Some with murals, some with 3d murals

                      skull lord platforms with 3 tier steps and 200+ plaster skulls

                      10+ rolls of black FR carpeting

                      Misc crates.

                      8x5x4 crate of foliage
                      another crate of lab and computer set pieces
                      another of body parts, heads, skeletons etc.

                      large lab props

                      rolls of 4’’ irrigation tubing (used in lab)

                      more than a dozen computer monitors

                      semitruck prop

                      steel gratings

                      2 hospital gurneys

                      1/2 VW beetle

                      Weathered Gazebo prop (actually welded aluminum made to look like wood)

                      Sculpted “wood” monk 5’ tall

                      Cemetery benches

                      Foam “dirt” piles

                      furniture pieces in various states of distress, or rebuilt for scares

                      GAS POWERED 120cfm compressor with 60g storage

                      30g electric compressor

                      and more and more
                      Jim Upchurch
                      Eleventh Hour



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                        We never framed it with steel, maybe because we weren't traveling?
                        "If you fail to plan, plan to fail"


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                          Those steel-eating termites eat alot slower than the wood-eating ones, unless you are making car payments on it.


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                            Course how many people know that Verdun Manor is also a trailer haunt?
                            The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.


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                              Someone once asked “How scary can you be in a trailer?”
                              To that I responded, “How scary can you be in a tent or in a warehouse?
                              As I have stated in many of my seminars, EVERY haunt format has advantages and disadvantages. Your job is to MAXIMIZE the advantages, MINIMIZE the disadvantages.

                              The trailer format has it’s advantages, you have a definite ceiling and can create real rooms. The major disadvantage is definitely space. You must think differently when working in an 8 foot width.

                              There are tricks of the trade that those of us with trailer haunts have developed over the years. Some times I have spent tons of time and money on an effect that just didn’t work. I’m sure there are many out there that similar stories in their particular format.

                              All of the successful trailer haunts mentioned all utilize the 6 trailer configuration. This is really the minimum footprint to use and give your customer a good length show. A few years ago a California company tried to market a one trailer haunt. They had drop down sides and other features to try and increase the square footage. They spent a lot of money designing and building it. They couldn’t even sell the prototype. Anything structural like that had better have a Structural Engineer designing and signing off on the plans!

                              The biggest consideration is to remember to think through any structural changes you make. The trailer has to move. You do NOT want something to collapse or fall off during transportation. At the very least you could get fined, but you could injure or kill someone minding their own business driving down the highway behind one of your trailers!!!

                              Thanks SpFXChic for the compliments! Glad you liked our shows!
                              R&J Productions
                              Las Vegas, NV