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  • What is your preference and why?

    Looking for your opinions on mask vs makeup.

    I am not a fan of any type of mask but thought SPFX and CFX mask would make a good addition to our actors/characters this year. My question is what is most actors preferences and why?

    My thought is mask's are hot, can rip, limit vision & hearing.......etc. Pros are fast on & off and less people to paint.

    I personally think good makeup goes a long way.

    I am trying to decide whether I need to hurry up and try to purchase more or wait until season is over and let my folks make the decisions.

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    Over the years I've used more makeup and less masks simply because of the reasons you mentioned. That, and think about how much sweat and spit gets left in them... only for someone else to wear it the next night... Yuck!

    Makeup is the way to go!
    Zach Wiechmann


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      No make up, no mask.
      Scary enough as the "old Guy' (I'm 61.)
      I would sweat off almost any make up and die inside a mask.
      I am open every night of the year, spring, summer, fall, winter, in all of those climate variables along with the daily climate variables inside this house from wine cellar (52 degrees) to the cupola? 95?


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        It seems like this pops up every six months or so and the debate rages on!
        I think it comes down to what the theme of your show is and what the characters are. If you want snouted werewolves, then your gonna need masks, if clowns are your thing then go woth make up. The more human the character the easier it is to turn a human into that character with make up.
        I also think you need a mix of the two. some customers become afraid by the expressions on the actors face and the look in their eyes. Other guests will become afraid of the unhumaness and the anominity of the masked actors.
        Skill level is also a factor, make up takes skill and time. Time is a huge factor for most haunts in the makeup area.
        Allen H


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          My personal preference is a mask, but I haven't used prosthetics yet. Then again I also have free reign from my boss for me, my brother and our friend to make our own costumes...


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            Maksks or Makeup


            Havent posted in a wnhile my apologies.

            However, I do agree 100% with Allen, when he says " I think it comes down to what the theme of your show is and what the characters are. "

            Not only that , but it also depends on how much time you ware willing to spend with each individual actor to get them "just right" for the scene you are trying to portray.

            For intsance, say you spend 2 hours on make up and prosthetics( been there dun that) and it end up being a "low light" scene, where the people can hardly see anything of the detail you worked so hard to do, that 2 hours is wasted (theoretically) , could have just used a mask to POSSIBLY achive the same "scare effect".

            Conversely, you could also spend that same 2 hours on someone who is goingto be "spotlighted" ( or someone who will be remebered) in your haunt.

            However, all that being said , it would ALSO depend on "comfort level" of your haunters, we have some one for our haunt that is allergic to the red dye that is used in some of the make up that we use from time to time, as well as some one who is severly allergic to latex, so you have to take that into condieration to as to wether to use make up or masks.

            For me, personally , I perfer make up,(and iv've been doing various haunts for 20+ years) I dont have a problem sitting in a make up chair for an hour or so to get scary for a haunt,if need be.

            Make up, in and of itself, allows more freedom, it moves with your face obviously better than a mask, unles its one of the silicone masks.

            However im not oppsed to wearing a mask , as long as I can breathe and see thru it with out over heating.

            Just my thoughts.


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              I too agree with what Allen said. It all just kind of depends.


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                I Don't know??

                Masks, make up, detailing, human versus critter...then I see so many people who are afraid of manniquins!?
                Human likenesses of usually an attractive image , and they are creeped out or outright scared of them.??
                Which may bring up an interesting subject, don't we all like the creative freedom of chosing this or that for our costumes, show presentation? I am sure we do, so then do most of us indulge in things bought, made, presented because we like those items or are we putting the customer's reactions, desires, fears out there when we make those creative decisions at all?
                Are certain props and storylines used just because WE like something? Or are we trying to please and impress customers? Are we trying to impress ourselves? Other haunters?
                Viva La Freedom! Whatever we happen to try.
                I love it.


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                  Thanks everyone. We completely tore down the haunt and turned it into a mansion. So I got the masks because the 2 hrs we were spending on makeup didn't get noticed as much as the time we put into them unless they were outside. Detailing makes for an awesome face, but if you are scaring and moving in low light, why?

                  One of the things in the house that we have learned. Just wondered what most of you thought. Noticed big differences in CFX vs SPFX vs Stiltbeast which are who we purchased from. All great masks, just very different fits. So I will be taking a pole from the actors for next year.

                  Happy haunting.


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                    For me it can vary. Right now Ive been modding and destroying a plastic clown mask i bought last year. it was scary to begin with but now its damn near freaky. I used a chainsaw last season so I had to have a breathable mask with wide holes for the eyes. I think i just may use makeup this year, but I have yet to find a porduct to keep the makeup from running after I sweat.


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                      I prefer makeup, but I think there should be a combination of both in every house as some people will prefer one over the other. To me masks serve a different function than someone with makeup.


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                        Last year in my first year of acting I always did my own make up.

                        It always seemed to run with my sweat and I always hated washing it off.

                        Ive been saving up all this year and will be ordering a CFX Yorick Bloody mask by the end of the week.

                        It will definitly take some getting used to, but I think it is worth the heat and sweating in the end, Ill just have to stay really hydrated.

                        I like the effect that silicone masks add to a haunt, they're very realistic.

                        But for an enitre haunt I agree that it depends and should be mixed up based on where the actor is in your haunt..


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                          My .02

                          Well I agree it depends on what your using them for... my experience says and Im sure all would agree.... that the stuff outside gets the most attention .... so Id put the makeup and kickass costumes outside for the que line. Best actors deserve to be seen.... the rest of the stuff inside where they will be gone in a flash ( not saying anyone should skimp on the costumes and masks etc. ) but you spend seconds with the actors inside and spend up to hours with the que line actors....

                          We all love prosthetics and makeup but they do take precious time to apply.
                          The more an actor is exposed to critics = better costuming and make up
                          Less time exposed = less makeup and costuming

                          Unless youve got the time and need of course !

                          Just my .02
                          "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but Iím not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

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                            I swear by makeup since it can be customized and changed up every night. I'm not a huge fan of masks, because when I see them I think of the company that made them, not about the actor attempting to scare me.
                            Katie Lane
                            Raven's Wolf Art Productions (

                            Bansheette Morningstar (


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                              That's funny! You get distracted recognizing the mask and think of the company that made it.
                              I am the same way when watching an old war movie seeing the tanks, getting distracted thinking of the country that made it, especially distracting when American Sherman tanks have the rising sun meatballs painted on them!
                              ("WE made everyone of those 300 Sherman tanks in our how did the Japanese get those tanks?")
                              Distracting thoughts sure can remove us quickly from the make-believe world they try to create for us.