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  • Fire in the Castle

    In the latest issue of the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts quarterly mag Barrel 'O Fun, there is an interesting article commenting on a documentary which was recently done about the '84 Six Flags trailer haunt fire in the Haunted Castle.

    I recall when I first came across Haunted Attraction Magazine many years ago, they were in the middle of a multi-part story on this tragically infamous fire. As most are already aware of, this unfortunate disaster was the harbinger of stricter regulations for dark attractions everywhere.

    I'm very interested in getting this documentary. Does anyone here know anymore about this movie and/or how to get ahold of a copy of it?
    Chris Riehl

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    Didn't have this information with me earlier when I posted:

    I believe the documentary is called "Doorway to Hell...The mystery and controversy surrounding the fire at the Haunted Castle", but I'm not 100% sure. (I know that Doorway to Hell was a sister attraction at Casino Pier) The film is by Peter James Smith. Anybody else know anything about this or it's availability?
    Chris Riehl


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      EBAY...they can be bought on Ebay.

      Larry Kirchner


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        Good morning, all.

        What CAN'T be bought on eBay? :wink:

        "It will be long, it will be hard, and there will be no withdrawl!" Winston Churchill


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            That is really hysterical, John!
            (By the way, is that you selling that wedding dress?hahaha!)
            It's just a little pricey for the Lady-in-white, the resident ghost here.


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              Not me! But I could use the dress for my haunt this year! They are slightly cheaper at the Thrift stores (although their prices have certainly raised).


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                A couple of weeks ago I merely glanced at a wedding dress hanging in a thrift store and the one old woman working there got nasty with me!
                "The men's clothes are UPSTAIRS, SIR!"
                She said in her best 85 year-old little old lady squeaky cartoon-character voice.
                She seemed to have a very real air of evil about her, maybe that Crawzy Pussycat bopped her on the bean too hard during one of those cartoons?
                I didn't see any helium she could have been sucking on in the corner where she had her chair wedged up against two walls, "Nobody gets behind HER!"
                Strange day all around! I just clicked my silver slippers together and went home!


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                  I have to admit that I like living here in Utah because we have temple dresses ... looks simular to wedding dresses but you can buy them for $5.00 on average
                  "Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?"


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                    Why so cheap? Even if they are extremely common, I would think they would still be worth more than $5.00(or are these what is left of the virgin sacrifices, I can see it now, this huge pile of dresses and nobody left to wear them!) hahaha!


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                      Originally posted by Jim Warfield
                      Why so cheap? Even if they are extremely common, I would think they would still be worth more than $5.00(or are these what is left of the virgin sacrifices, I can see it now, this huge pile of dresses and nobody left to wear them!) hahaha!
                      Well many people seem to think that Mormons turn into little demons and sprout horns at night ... or that that woman that can't find husbands jump from the temple into the great salt lake to kill themselves. So virgin sacrifice dresses would be another great rumor to start ... lol

                      No actually they are not suppose to re-use a temple dress at the temple. So when there isn't really a market for used dresses of that nature .. they are cheap
                      "Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?"


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                        Just saw the dress

                        I was watching the local news here in Cleveland, Ohio and they did a story on that man wearing and seling that dress, his name is Larry from Seattle and he has had up to 100 offers and the bid now is up to $25,000 and a few proposal for marraige.



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                          Since we are suddenly on the topic of wedding dresses...

                          Mine was a steal for only $170! (average dresses nowadays are $600 - $1,000 and you only wear them only 1 day! The snooty lady at the store was showing us all the new dresses that were $1,000+ and when I had saw this one on the rack hidden back in clearance she said, are you sure you want this, it's 3 seasons old!?!? I was like, "Who is going to notice???" I LOVED this dress!

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                          ~ Nicole

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                          The White Star Farm
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                            I like the Thrift Stores that have "Men's Clothing" and then a section called "Better Men's Clothing". I bought from that section once, but it didn't make me a better man. :?


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                              I think this one also counts
                              School's Haunted House Burns - One Killed, Two Injured
                              In 1973, five members of the Washington Reid School PTA in Prince William County, Virginia built a "haunted house" in one of the elementary school's classrooms for a Halloween Carnival. Approximately 30 minutes before 200 school children were scheduled to enter the highly combustible maze; fire broke out in the haunted house killing one of the PTA members and injuring two others.
                              The PTA members had created the effect of a haunted house in one of the classrooms by erecting eight-foot high panels of flannel cloth secured to one by three-inch wood strips. The flannel was then sprayed with a black lacquer-based paint. To reduce light, brown paper was taped over the windows and over the flannel panels directly in front of the windows. "Black lights" were installed with temporary wiring at various locations. Power was supplied to test the lights prior to the start of the function, at which time one of the panels burst into flames. Two PTA members began to tear down the paper while three others went to get fire extinguishers. One member pulled the school fire alarm, which was not connected to the fire department by any means of notification. A PTA member broke into the principal's office in order to gain access to a phone to call the fire department.
                              As devastating as this fire was it is fortunate that the school children were not in the building.