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  • What do you think?

    This is what i have been thinking of for a description of our haunt (if we can theme it properly) Tell me what you think!

    The home at 666 W. Rollins Rd. was once a humble home owned by Dr. Stuart Hamilton, a scientist who worked with human anatomy and electrical equipment. He had a beautiful home with many rooms containing beautiful art work, Relaxing bed rooms, and it had such a strange, yet amazing structure? But most say Hamilton went crazy! Locking his doors to anyone and everyone. No one really knows what happened to him. Some say he lost his mind, some say he experimented on himself causing an ?un-desired? effect, and some say they have caught glimpses of strange creatures lurking inside his home. Maybe none of them are right; maybe they are all right?Only one person really knows and that is the Mad Stuart Hamilton. And now the doors to what he calls The Realm of Terror have opened? TO YOU. You can enter if you dare but be warned no one really knows what happens in The Hamilton home so ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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    Sounds like Jim at Raven's Grin...with the names changed to protect the innocent..
    Chris Riehl


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      Stuart squeezed that one forbidden zit on the tip of his nose and it affected his brain, which affected his bran, which effected his ability to hold himself, so the whole place smells like a bowel-a-ramma!
      "Stuart, if you eat nothing butt laxitive cereals you will waste away!"
      "I know, my pimple told me already , that's why I sqished its head off! At least I'm saving alot of money, I don't buy toilet paper anymore!"


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        Thanks DAN, I was hoping no one would notice :cry: now i have to go with my alternate about larry... CRAP now i have to make new ones, you hate me dont you! Im leaving this board and never posting again, i think this is wrong for our industry... LOL Just kiddin and thank you to the "5" people who like my idea :twisted: