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    Frank, since I also live in my haunted house, there will always have to remain somethings my customers here will never know, like what my private bedroom looks like!
    I once thought about including this as a special added tour feature but then thought better of it.
    Ever since I have had this house I have lived in it and people will always ask me where I sleep?
    My standard reply is, "Upside-down from a hook in the attic!"
    This will throw off 99% of the questioners, it's that one freaky-goth-minded chick that you'll have to worry about! She will either say, "Oh, Baby, it's meant to be, you and me!"
    Or in my case she might be saying, "Are you my REAL Dad?"
    (Or "Grand-Dad"?)


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      Well Jim, as has been a popular topic lately, you could always think of adding your bedroom to the tour as an added 2nd attraction! Think of the upcharge and added perceived value! And what good tour of one's home ends without showing the bedroom? Yeah baby, have a seat here next to me on the bed......
      Chris Riehl


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        Who would want to see a naked horse? :?