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Corn Maze Convention ... Did you know about this?

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  • Corn Maze Convention ... Did you know about this?

    The corn maze industry moved its show from Tennessee to Branson Missouri so people from the corn maze industry could come to the corn maze show.

    The shows are back to back... pretty cool huh!

    Check it out.
    Larry Kirchner

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    Not as big as it first looks. This is for ONE maize cutting company; though it is a large one. I am a independant who designs and cuts my own maze. I made a comment earlier today about "farmers not going to conventions after March" If St. Louis show were to move dates to mid April; they would not be joining us. We farmers are a funny lot about our busy times in the field. You should swing by my place after crowd goes home on a Saturday night/Sunday morning in Oct. After I shut haunt down for the night I jump on a tractor for several more hours.


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      I was under the impression that there was going to be corn maze and pumkin patch venders at St.Louis. Are any of they going to be there?
      Ken L.


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        I went to their convention last year with my booth, will be their this year, very informative.......A lot of info. I will also be at TransWorld. Booth number 722, I write insurance for corn maizes, fall festivals and haunts, all over USA. Thanks


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          Ok now I am going to stick my neck out. Last year in St. Louis two guys who came from the corn maze seminar saw my maze staff shirt and cornered me. I did not go to seminar; but talking to them for a while they sauid they learned more from me in 5 minutes then they did at seminar. I sent email offering to do seminar in 2010 but never heard anything. Been doing one for 10 years and incorporate Unit 70 & scarefactory BIG props..not dumpster diving like I was told last years maze seminar was about. I also do my own design and lay out using system where with 3 miles of maze trails 4 guys can be on towers and observe 70% of trails from towers. My insurance agent LOVES my system.