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    I am looking at several on-line ticket companies. What questions should I be asking exactly. Also, if anyone can recommend a company that would be appreciated. I have looked at several and I am finding it hard to decide. I do not want to mail tickets out. I want to use the bar-code system. I will only have one entrance at this time. I will have on-site ticket sales as well. Also who absorbs the fee for the on-line ticket? Do I charge more at the ticket booth to compensate? Just wondering what everyone else does out there. Thanks ahead of time for any help with this.

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    We have used Click-n-Print and so far they have been great.
    The customer picks up the fee.

    If you go to the TransWorld Show in St. Louis I would think several ticketing companies would be there so you would be able to compare.

    Hope this helps.



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      I second the motion for Click-n-Print. They are so easy to work with, great communication, walk you through step by step if needed, they provide all the equipment. Let me make one suggestion, DO NOT USE SCREAMPASS!!! You will be sorry, fees are outrageous, don't waste your time. I researched 5 different ticket companies last year, Click-n-Print offered the best of everything for my attraction.


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        I have had real good luck...

        With Ticketleap! Shane and its give Lee a call! Shane this time.


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          We used Ticket Leap as well. Extremely easy to work with!
          MindWerxKMG, LLC


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            Thanks loads to everyone that posted. I really appreciate all the advice. Hope to see everyone at TransWorld!!