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HAUNTED OVERLOAD construction video

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  • HAUNTED OVERLOAD construction video

    I love to see behind the scenes videos. Here is a montage of last years construction. An interesting side note. Carol Hutton, the enthusiastic wife of John Hutton both owners of the farm, is interviewed in the beginning. She gives him a whack or two during the interview. That night his back was killing him from an old injury. He was in a lot of pain and you can kind of tell and see it on his face every time she whacks him. It's cool because it gives you the perspective of a non haunter now converted. It was fun taking them to Transworld for the first time, they couldn't believe it.

    I also included some scream footage. This was posted on Wayne's thread as well but here it is again in case you missed it. I can never get enough of those screams and reactions. It's the big pay off after all the hard work building the thing.





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    Thanks so much. Truly inspiring... and looks like you have a great crew to work with! How many people do you have helping on construction throughout the off-season?

    - Ryan

    Blood Lake Haunted House & Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours
    Located in Richmond, VA


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      Looks sweet man really enjoyed it! Shane and its great work man! Shane this time.


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        Fun times Eric. Looks like you have a great team.
        I will make it up there some year.



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          Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Ryan, to answer your question, starting in late January, early February I have two guys, Tom Milone and Dan Barron help me for a couple hours each Monday on small time consuming props like the reaper hands for instance. Then in the summer Dan Thomas, helps the 3 of us start constructing new walls or temporary structures on the weekends. As it gets closer to opening day we round up as many friends and relatives to help as possible so it really varies depending on the weather and what people have going on. Usually during crunch time many people come to our aid to get it done.

          The three of us are now making articulated hands for all new giant pumpkin headed creatures for the corn maze section. The scene should be really cool looking.



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            As always great stuff Eric.