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Transworld Seminars... Which ones interest you?

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  • Transworld Seminars... Which ones interest you?

    Just wanted to mention I'm doing a seminar at Transworld again this year and for the first time in a ZILLION YEARS I'm doing a seminar about something other than operations, marketing or whatever along those lines.

    My seminar this year is about how to detail your haunted house... I think if you saw our haunt last year on the tour I'd hope you think we know a thing or two about detailing a haunted house. LOL

    Anyway we will be making that video on how to detail your haunt, our behind the scenes tour will also really showcase detail work we do, and during this seminar I hope to offer some fantastic idea's.

    Anyway I was wondering what would you like to see us talk about in this seminar? Additionally what seminars are standing out for you right now?

    You know last year several of these seminars SOLD OUT! You might want to get on over to their site and reserve teh ones you want.

    Larry Kirchner

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    I'm going to three: yours (Ultimate Detailing), Monster Overload! and Designing to a Theme. I'm just a home haunter so this is what appealed to me.

    For yours I'm very interested if you have a sequence that you follow for each room. For example, first you do the walls and then you do the lighting, then the scare....I hope I'm making sense. I've come up with my own Seven Layers of Scare and was wondering if you do as well and if I'm missing key components. My layers are 1)Art Direction and/or Theme 2) Walls, ceilings, floors 3) Main Scare 4) Accents 5) Lighting 6) Atmosphere 7) Smell and Touch.

    I'm also interested if there are favorite supplies and suppliers you use.

    Really looking forward to the seminar


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      Terra, I think I'm doing those same three! hahaha...


      I'd like to hear about painting techniques, color choices/reference, distressing, mixing paints/colors, proper use of vacuform, set dressing and the small details!

      Get some of your crew to be there to answer questions or maybe even talk a little!! -Tyler
      Chris Riehl


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        I know the seminars are only 30 minutes. Your dvd will be like an hour and a half. Will it cover the same type of stuff as the video? Or will it be different? This will help me decide on what or if both is worth doing. I would hope it would be different. Im sure it will. Just wondering how much you can really throw into such a short seminar. If you had like sheets w step by step projects w pics ect I would definately attend. I basically want to see painting and distressing techniques new and old. Any other type of detailing such as foam carving or building of coffins. Tombstones. Entrances. Facade detailing new or old ideas. Layering would be cool. Effects and lighting would be neat as well. Other things as things to do with water effects. Ideas w fog ect.
        Damon Carson


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          Only the Wednesday ones are 30 minutes. One price gets you in all of them. The rest on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all one hour each and are booked individually.

          Ben Armstrong


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            I am taking your seminar. I am interested in lighting, wash lighting, painting and hardcoating. I loved your vines and would like to know all about those too.
            Ken L.



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              Great thanks Ben that clears alot up. I will definately attend Larrys detailing seminar. Im glad its not a speed one on the latter days.
              Damon Carson


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                All of the speed seminars (too good of a deal to pass up!)

                All of the Saturday Seminars, but especially Eric's seminar. I have followed his work for years, and have been waiting a long time for him to do this.
                Dewayne Anglin

                Director of Operations
                Sleepy Hollow Productions, LLC/ Folklore Haunted House



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                  A lot of the seminars look cool. Larry's should be good, I would be interested in hard coating techniques and materials. I'm just starting work on the slide show for mine. Here's the title page. I hope the people that take our seminar enjoy it. It's a lot to cover in an hour.




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                    Larry, yours interests me the most, I'd like to think I'm descent with detailing but descent isnt good enough for me. I'm past ready to learn!
                    John Elks - Staff
                    Death Row- Sanitarium of Slaughter
                    Nashville, TN 37211