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  • kinda bummed

    Well I just heard back from the fairgrounds today they voted against me holding my haunted house there. They are too afraid that my attraction will attract people who will vandalize the other buildings on the property based on the fact that the last time they had a circus there, there was some vandalism. There is pretty much nothing I can do to convince them otherwise. So I am out a location, Guess I will forgo purchasing a haunt this year and wait a year or two until I am better off and find a better location.

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    I looked at a bunch before I found a perfect location, so don't give up yet.

    Good luck to you.



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      I'm not going to give up that is for sure, but this year just seems to be getting busier and busier for me so I think it might be best to wait a year anyway, I have a few other locations that I had planned on looking at, I just didn't because when I met with the person in charge of events at the fair, he seemed pretty confindent that the board would give me the go ahead since october is a very slow time for them. Oh well. I will keep looking.


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        Will your insurance cover any damages?
        Ken L.


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          I was working on a deal with a group that did a small haunted walk at a state park here in NJ. The place could be a gold mine , but the deal breaker for them was the park was a carry in carry out park and they thought it would make to much trash ( like we couldn't just rent dumpsters ) and are you ready for thei one, at the time there were two bridges out in the area which forced all the traffic go pass right in front of the park, so they didn't want it to be a big traffic jam in front of the park and haunt, now this one left my mouth wide open for about 20 min's or so. It's a bad thing for all the traffic moving from one town to the other to be detoured to the front door of your haunt. Please a raise of hands who would give there left nut for that kind of problem. At that point I knew they just didn't understand the bizz and I cut my loses.

          The hardest thing to do is find someone that really understands what we can do with a nice piece of land and some money.


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            The insurance would have covered it, and I even volunteered to clean up or fix anything that had been done. But still a no-go, the fairboard around here is pretty stubborn, once they get something in their head, good luck with changing thier mind. It was just a good location, right at the exit on the interstate and only about a 10 minute drive from the northside of indy (all the haunts are either on the southside or east side of indy, other then a haunted hayride, which would have been about 20 mins to the south)


            wow they just didnt have a clue did they.


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              You will show them what they are missing out on. You will find a better place, make a lot of money and be super busy and show them what they could have had. I always like the last laugh.


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                Things happen for a reason.

                This just means there is something better to come in your life! Shane and its good things come to those who wait! Shane this time.


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                  kinda bummed?

                  I thought you went to the Columbia haunt tour last year or something.
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                    Originally posted by scaryguy666 View Post
                    I thought you went to the Columbia haunt tour last year or something.
                    Nope you must have me confused with someone else.


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                      Be patient and follow the signs.

                      My girlfriend and I searched and searched for a location to open our own haunt after seperating from a well known attraction...

                      We worked deals on an abandoned mill, an abandoned factory, and an abandoned amusement park (which was the coolest of them all). One went all the way through the process with the fire marshall, insurance quotes, etc before the property owner backed out, one had too many fire violations to open, and the amusement park went into foreclosure in the middle of discussions...

                      Then we wandered into a situation with a group of people with a great location, an excellent working budget, and an AMAZING amount of potential...

                      Keep you chin up and it will all work out in time
                      Come see what lies BENEATH!