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  • Awesome...This is it! Check it out

    Early in the week I told you about Saw and the making of Saw haunt on the DVD extras. Yes that was pretty cool video!

    How about a better one... buy buy THIS IS IT on Blue Ray and watch the extras. First off if you saw the movie you didn't see anything... if you really want to know what this concert was going to really be like YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EXTRAS!

    For example the whole costumes segment was so freaking awesome.... only when you watch this do you fully understand what the real concert was going to be like and how much creative work was put into this. MJ was to have a suit that its own light show when he sang Billie Jean ... the idea was to have a suit just like the lit up dance floor in the video. That was unreal...

    BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.... for all you haunt nuts out there the THRILLER section was UNREAL and I mean just UNREARL!

    For starters there is this Black Widow spider that craws around and all its legs move and MJ comes out of it. They show you how they made the new Thriller video, was going to be show in 3D, the set for Thriller was like well the best!

    They actually made a new Thriller video that was going be shown while I guess MJ was off screen and it was in 3D. The video starts in a mansion its very Disney like, then it goes into a graveyard with ghosts and zombies.

    If you get a chance pick this up and watch the Thriller stuff you'll love it! BUT WATCH ALL OF THE EXTRAS especially the ones talking about how MJ decided to come back, and how they planned the show because that shows a lot of Thriller stuff.

    The new Thriller outfit that MJ was to wear was really awesome... it had blood embroidered onto the classic jacket.

    Larry Kirchner

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    aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Watching it NOW...INCREDIBLE!!! Such a tragic loss...
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