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Ghoulish Productions at Houston costume show

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  • Ghoulish Productions at Houston costume show

    Hey guys I just wanted to post about a little known new, up and coming mask company called Ghoulish Productions.
    I am proud to say that I am a sales rep as well ans an end user. I have several of their fine products which we have used for 2 seasons in my own haunts. Tey look awsome on static props and my actors love them .These latex masks are top notch with amazing paint and good latex thickness. If you have never seen these masks you owe it to your self to check them out. They carry some of the best looking clown and zombie latex masks on the market. If you want a jump on your competition this is a way to get an advantage over other haunts. Show your fanssomething new and unique thats not seen in many haunts.Did I mention the prices you will be amazed at how low The Wholesale prices are on these masks.Ghoulish productions will be attending the up coming Houston costume show. Please stop by and say Hi to Rosa Tell her Patrick sent ya and welcome her into our haunt family. If anyone is interested I am more than happy to shoot you an email with a price sheet.

    Thanks Patrick Matthews
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    They make some great masks. I actually have two through Rotten Jack's Creep Shack. They're worth a try for most haunters really.
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      Great link Mad Wax....

      I think I will spread the wealth later today on the RFR site for them too.

      THanks I think some money will be spent by us on them.

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        Thanks for the shout out guys
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          They look ok, but saying they are some of the best on the market is clearly false. There are several better mask companies out there. Are they all hand made and painted/haired here in the US?



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            your absolutely right they are not some of the best masks on the market there are alot of really good masks on the market. I said they have some of the best looking clowns and zombies not (The Best) theres a big difference. For the price vs quality these are good masks. As a haunt owner and mask maker myself It was not my intent to be misleading. I just wanted to inform other haunters of a little known supplier with good products at reasonable prices. I have used these products myself in my own haunts for 2 yrs and stand behind them.

            The flesh is weak wax is eternal.


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              Please check your PM mailbox.