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I Provide Her "Criterion"

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  • damon carson
    Jim you need to run a romantic valentines weekend at the Grinn. Sounds like a weird twist of Chuck Woolerys The Dating Game. Just try to stay away from the Hormel Chili! I know you want to eat something warm this time of year but the payback is killer!

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  • Jim Warfield
    started a topic I Provide Her "Criterion"

    I Provide Her "Criterion"

    Two nights ago a young woman who has been through my house several times told me that the criteria as to whether or not she decides to begin dating a new young man in her life happens to rest upon how he does handling my Haunted House!?
    He was doing alot of nervous laughing....I also did scare a fart right out of him, it was silent and stinky, I think as the rest of the group walked through it they knew it wasn't mine.
    I may have done away with my normally automatic innocense when I jokingly confided to them that I just blame the customer for farting, "Scared, huh?"
    It's not just a bravery thing though. I also seem to think she is seeing what sort of a sense of humor that have , what they laugh at and if they even "get" the joke.
    He seemed to get the jokes, but now will he get the Girl? Tune in tomorrow for the eciting conclusion to "Jim's EEEEE-How Many? . com"