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  • Anyone been on this site?

    Hey folks, has anyone ever been on this auction site? It's rather interested and works much differently than Ebay. However, if you watch how it works and then bid smart, you could pick up a big screen TV's for under 200.00 a piece for 50 inch or larger, surround sound systems, ipods, etc. Check it out

    Send me your email address to and I can send you an invitation and you can get free bids if you are interested.

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    Run and Run Fast!!!

    A brand new car for $26.00 even the brain dead would tell you thats a rip off. This site has SCAM wrote all over it! Shane and its running and not looking back! Shane this time,


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      I would never pay more than $24.00 for a new car. $17.00's more like it...$17.00 a day that is.


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        I found this...It seems to be a pay per click with the slight chance you could win a prize. People have received their prizes though. Big risk if you ask me...
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          Just watched the bidding on tis so called bid site. Holly bullsnot! they have these countdown timers on their items for bid. I found it very odd that as soon as an item got down to 3 seconds they added time to the bid counter. Oh come on really!

          I am with the rest of the poeple here SCAM site.
          Ed Roberts
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            Its not a scam site per say, you pay for the ability to bid like 1 dollar a bid then each time you bid on an item it goes up by a penny and the timer resets. If you are the last person to bid when the timer runs out you get the item. They make their money of the the bids that are bought and peoples natural desire to believe they are getting a great deal on something. IF and its a big IF you play your bids right you could maybe pick up some items with a low price but I would be wary of the lure of cheap prices and a ponzi bidding scheme to save me money.


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              It is not a scam site but a VERY tricky site to win something on. A friend of ours has used the site and won a ton of products for very little money. I have been watching it very closely for the past week and here is what I found.

              You purchase a bid package which cost you approximately .70-.90 a bid. Then when you bid the amount you are actually seeing goes up by a penny which in the end is the final bid amount you pay, if you win. So yes 26.00 for a new car is awesome but here is the catch.

              You could use 200 bids which cost you say 1.00 per bid. So that is 200.00. Then you have your final bid amount plus any shipping charges.

              As you get down to the 20 second or so that is when everyone starts coming in and bidding which resets the clock to the 20 seconds to start over. There are autobidding and sniper bids as well. You really have to read it but understand this site owner is making a TON of money pay say 25.00 for a final bid plus 100.00 for shipping and you purchased a bid package of 200 bids for 120.00. So you purchase a TV for a total of 245.00. That certainly isn't anything to be upset about if it's a 52 in. However the site owner gets the bid package money from you plus everyone is bidding so 25.00 final price (.01 per bid) isn't what you have to look at. That owner is actually getting paid by your bid package which can be 1.00 per bid to very little if you get a bid package which you can win them for like .10 or so a bid. It depends on the time the bid goes down. So they make their money on the bid packages because they get the money up front from you and then the final bid is really nothing. You have to watch the history on the items so you know where they could stop at.

              It's seems to be the luck of how fast your computer is and to beat out the other bidders.

              I am watching this site closely and certainly wouldn't scam anyone here. I'll let you know how I make out and if I get anything successfully.