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Some bodypaint suggestions?

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  • Some bodypaint suggestions?

    Hey all!
    I was wondering what brand of makeup you use for bodypainting. I'm looking into all brands to make my decision for MHC, and was kinda taking a census!
    I'm looking for stuff that has good coverage and not specifically for airbrush (I don't have the patience for airbrush - old school brushes for me! LOL)
    Thanks in advance!
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    Wolfe FX would probably be your best bet. I've seen amazing things done with it! I got some last year and although it takes long than airbrushing, it's still a great tool!
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      Wolfe is my front runner, I'll put your "check" in that column! thanks!
      I totally respect and am in awe of the wolfe brothers talent and product!
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        When choosing paint for this year you may want to take into account the theme. While nothing is finalized yet, I hear it will have something to do with UV.


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          COUGH GRANNY COUGH....she needs to get body painted remember
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            I have used Wollfe and I have used Kryolan, I like them both just fine., I think the UV colors from Kryolan pop a little more, but other than that, They both work fine.

            Snazzaroo, and Diamond FX are two companies I am looking into. I use Snazzaroo years ago and was not impressed, I have heard good things about them lately, so I'll give them a go.

            Diamond Fx interests me, they have some interesting palettes.

            Good luck to you.
            Ed Roberts
            The Nightmare Factory


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              Keep the suggestions coming~!
              Barry - I have worked UV into my sweet, sweet plans! thanks for the heads up though!!
              Tater - not sure how much i can do - I'm already painting my model from last year, and I'll be 7 mths preggo, so not sure how much energy i'll have! I can help someone paint you though, let me see if any of my creative friends would be up for the challenge!
              Nightmare - thanks for the Krylon coverage info. That is really what I'm concerned about. I want really rich color.
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                Not sure if you can budget this, but one thing I did ages ago was to order one pot of make up from each of the companies I was interested in, then compared them. It's next to impossible to find a store that sells them all, so you can compare. this was the only way I could do it.

                UV colors are tricky at times, you think you avhe good coverage then under the lights, it looks spotty.

                Ed Roberts
                Ed Roberts
                The Nightmare Factory


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                  We use Wolfe but have found that Diamond FX is larger quantities, same manufacturer and have several other palettes and colors available. Graftobian is a great airbrush paint. We use them all in our haunt and sell them online and in our store.


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                    Im going to be using Wolfe this year same as last year. For shading i use mehron black tho you can water it down to create shadows nicely.


                    p.s. Im stoked to see what you do, the steampunk girl last year was neat!!
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                      Very excited to see what you have this year also katie if you need any help with anything again this year just let me know I'd be willing to help out
                      Kyle Guillette
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                        Odette - our Virgin Voyages went great last year! i can't wait to see what you do too!!!
                        Kyle - thanks! I will keep you in mind if i decide to teach this year! Come find me either way!
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                          I really like Graftobian, it may be a bit more expensive but it offers great coverage and the colors pop.
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                            If you want the brightest UV's, the most durable yet washable and one MADE FOR HAUNTS check out AGPCairbrush make up from Michael Davy Film & TV Make Up.
                            I will be in Houston so stop by booth 1211 and get a demo.

                            AGPC was developed for Florida Theme Park durability (I made it for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. It is used daily by Frank, Wolfie Drac and Beetelgeuse. Also used by many major Haunts and attractions worldwide. Used this past year at Busch Gardens Hallowscreams

                            I'll also have my Water-Melon Alcohol Applied appliances at Houston with new werewolf gashes and Barbed wire alcohol applied appliances.
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