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  • Local Saturday Night Horror Show...

    Hello everyone!
    Well Christmas has come and gone and so brings us a new year.
    There is a local horror show that has recently had a website built and store added in my area. They are on public access and it's very well done. Clips are on youtube by checking out 'Sleepy Hollow Theater'.
    The website is:

    You can see clips and buy DVD's (each containing 4 episodes). I have 6 of them and they are good. Recently I even joined the cast for a newer episode, airing tonight. It was a good time!
    I do not get any money or commission from anything they sell...just trying to put the word out there and I know you guys like the genre...LOL!
    So if you liked Chiller Theater and the likes may like this...Check it out! I even bought a shirt...LOL!

    Kirk Boemmel
    Dark Ghost Manor