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what halloween movies you like??

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  • what halloween movies you like??

    Hello all!!

    well, over the years i have seen alot of movies that gets me in the halloween mood. So, here is some movies that makes me get in the mood for halloween.

    1. Trick-R-Treat (2009)

    2. Halloween

    3. A Nightmare On Elm ST.

    4. Creepshow

    5. Dead Silence

    6. Thir13en ghosts

    7. paranormal activity

    8. The Monster Squad

    9. Hocus Pocus

    10. Sleepy Hallow

    some of my fav movies but not in that right order. it's just to give you the idea of it.

    these movies are the ones that gets me in the mood of halloween.

    I hope you replay with your fav movies that gets you in to the halloween mood.

    thanks for reading this!!

    it's ok... the dark has many faces you can't see..

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    I really love the new Texas Chainsaw Massacare movie, the first one, not the beginning. It doesnt have the biggest fear factor, but its just a great movie.

    Halloween is always a classic and I thought the new one was pretty good too, though I didnt get around to seeing the sequel yet.

    I absolutly love Hocus Pocus it's been a favorite of mine every since I saw it for the first time when I was 5.


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      Imagine "Time Travelling"

      Back , back 91 years...your country is starving, millions dead from a War your country lost!
      Yet somehow you and your friends make a fantastic movie like nobody has ever seen or even thought of before!
      Incredible story, sets costuming, ideas galore!

      Tonight I just watched 4 Frankenstein movies , the Karloff ones, just look at Those sets and photography!
      And what did they have to work with in 1931 for make up effects? Not much by today's standards, yet, WOW!
      Those scripts raise alot of good questions about people in general and man's ego and science in particulair, good or bad..
      ..and just see all of the "Steam Punk" in those movies! Bells, whistles, gadget-looking stuff .


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        Here are a few of my favorites: Army of Darkness and Evil Dead, American Gothic with Yvonne Decarlo, an early movie with Sid Haig - Spider Baby. There are so may. Oh yeah, of course the Exorcist!

        Kelly Allen
        Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction