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  • Top 3 Classic Rooms

    What are your top three classic rooms of all time. When you think of haunted houses what rooms do you always remember, or you always use because they work. Chainsaw, polka dot, vortex, crypt with coffin, whatever you think is a classic.

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    I think you named it right there, chainsaw, vortex, dot-room..
    Netherworld Haunted Attractions


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      Chainsaw, dot room, black and white checker room. Vortex is a bit new for me to call it a classic....more like common.
      Runners up include
      Gorilla in a cage room
      The baked potato room
      the upside down room
      And...the clown room again on the common side but like the vortex destined to be a classic.


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        Graveyard, Clowns, Chainsaw.

        I see alot of strobe rooms, camoflauge rooms, and torture rooms as well.


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          I would say the ones named are the classics.

          My question is, what if you didnt have them? Would your customers be dissapointed.

          I know when I was getting insurance quotes, having a chainsaw in your attraction made a difference on the price atleast for me anyway.


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            Classics for me

            Hey all ~

            To name 3 for me ( having been workinin the haunt arena for close to 20 years ) it's hard to pick JUST 3 .. but ill try .. ( in no particualr order mind you and not necessarally considered TOTALLY 'classic' but still fun if done right)

            1) Door maze ( a la Haunted Catacombs in Buffalo,NY) that was good .. i helped build it and desgin it MANY years ago) we had people lost in it for 45 minutes .. still like it to this day.

            2) Mirror maze.. like your "classic fun houses" (no description necessarry I would think )

            3) Tie... Mourge room .. or Bathroom ...

            Of course those that have been mentioned DO have merit for CLASSICS .. I wont debate that at all .. I'm just going from my years that I have seen that works in haunts

            And not to totally derail this but I do have to pick 2 more .. Grave yard(yes not "technically" a "room" ) and a Crypt.

            Those also seem to get good scares ..if done right .. and patrons "expect" those.

            Just my Thoughts


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              Lost for 45 minutes? Sounds cool but a throughput KILLER!!!!



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                thats right Dark,
                classic does not mean effective.


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                  Could you describe the "Baked Potato room" for us?

                  I've been haunting for many years but I have never heard of this one...
                  unless of course we call it something else on the East Coast!


                  Tom Milone
                  Creative Consultant


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                    This is an old one and you don't see it much, but it was once very popular.
                    It is a room with a strobe light in it, all the walls, the roof, and the floor are covered in tin foil, then an actor is in the room in a mylar or similar shiny reflective suit. Its an effective room as it is very disorienting. By adjusting the strobe timer you can alter the pacing of the room.
                    I have used the room twice before and the actors in the room loved the scares they got.
                    Allen H


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                      The sheet maze is pretty classic too. Im surprised it has not been mentioned yet.
                      And Frankensteins lab! thats a classic.


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                        hey that is one version of the Dot room effect.
                        Anything that involves an actor hiding in the same fabric as the scene I think would be put in that category.

                        from dots on the walls, to skeletons on the walls with actor in a body suit with a skeleton attached to the front of it would all be forms of dot room effects.

                        I really enjoy Classic illusions from ghost tours or houses. These would be
                        transformation illusions with mirrors like:
                        girl to gorilla
                        spiderwoman persons head on a spider body
                        the angled mirror illusion where a upper body of the actor appears to be floating or on top of the rest of a body that appears to be skinned or robotic etc...
                        Others would be table illusions where you use the actors upper body and the rest of the body is in the table with a false body on the table so it can be cut by a circular saw etc...
                        distortions has continued to reinvent the classic illusions over the years.
                        Kevin R. Alvey
                        info at



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                          I mostly agree with you Kevin as they are both based on camouflage. I think it would be more fair to the varieties of room if they were called camo rooms as opposed to dot rooms as many variations have a lack of dots. I really like the rooms where the actors blend in, I would use them more if the actors were not chained to one spot.


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                            The door maze is still at the Haunted Catacombs, on slow nights our actors will trap you in as long as they want and never tell you which door it is.

                            Tunnels is another classic (to our haunt) the I love, I've never worked the room but we have a few people that are so creative with it. Its just two tunnels side by side with dead bodies under that you can see through plexi glass. Its a great change of pace from the regular rooms and you have to physically crawl through it.

                            Up untill this season we always had a graveyard in The House of Horrors. It was just a maze of camo netting with tombstones and a few actors. In order to get out you actually had to open the camo netting in one spot like a curtain. I know I got lost in it for 20 minutes 2 years in a row before I started acting. We scrapped it this year because people were just getting to conjested in that area and couldnt find the way out.


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                              Greetings all ~(sorry in advance for the LONG post but I want address as much as possible that has been posted so far)

                              DA- When you got the time and as LONG (in a good way ) that the Catacmobs is its fun as hell . Time killer yes .. but fun as hell ..

                              Coaster - I remeber those tunnels ( the crawl through one with the plexi) when they statred them at the Catacombs.. scared the ever living S#!t outta me the first time I went through even though I KNEW ( could see the socks of the actor) one had an actor under it. Good tmes.. glad to see they are still there in one variation or another . And yes i remeber the "camo graveyard" . Also like to see ther door maze still being utilized.( do they still use the "dots" at the top of the doors for the actors to see which door is which ?)

                              Allen- I agree classic doesnt always mean effective but still fun as hell. I like the "baked potato room" idea (hmmm thoughts for a future year ) And i've seen the "sheet maze" used .. in diffent variations just can't remeber where at the present moment .. and yes DEFINATELY effective .

                              Gore- Those (mirror illusions) are DEFINATELY classics. One way I DO like, is the its used at "Dark Raven Manor" ( Now at Scare at the Fair in Hamburg,NY) they had "Marissa"(from 'The Ring') crawling out of the TV set .. then suddenly appearing right in front of you (that also got me the first time I seen it in action )

                              VSnader- ( didnt mean to totally ignore ya there sorry) what Ive found through the years (just my personal exeperience) is even thou you might not have that particular room per se.. as long as you have a "variation" of it the customers are happy.

                              Yes you get questions as to WHY "such and such room" isn't there then you expalin to them " Well yeah its there didn't you see ( insert charecter ) in there ", they are GENERALLY happy with the fact that at least said charecter was there. Of course this also depends on what you use as a "staple" for your haunt, for instance Catacombs ( as far as i have hear) is KNOWN for it's Door Maze, and Mirror maze. Dark Raven is known for it's "Marrissa Effect" etc, etc.

                              Again it all depends on what is known as a "staple" for your haunt.

                              Just my thoughts.
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