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  • Question for Indiana Attractions

    While I was reviewing the Fire regulations at and looking though the rest of the site I noticed the Amusement and Entertainment permit. Is this something that will be needed to open an attraction? Are their any other permits that are required? Any help you can offer will be great as I am in the planning stages of a new haunt.

    Thank You,


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    i have looked in my state and found little about laws and stuff.. you do have to keep in mind that if... your haunt is in doors, how many fire exits there are. you also have to talk to your fire marshall about that too..

    if you are have having a outdoor haunt. then you have to think about more stuff too.

    you will need a biz permit for any thing that you sale.

    also PUT this in your money pot for your haunt because it will come up on you!!

    it's ok... the dark has many faces you can't see..


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      Hey Chad,

      The Amusement and Entertainement Permit is your permit from the State Fire Marshall. (now a division of Dept. of Homeland Security) The price is based on your EXPECTED throughput for the season. The information you give helps them determine who will come out and do your inspection. Normally the state inspector will coordinate with your local fire department for the inspection. It is a good idea to get ahold of the local guys early on and make sure you are up to speed with what they are looking for.

      Depending on your local AHJ you may need to pass inspection by both the state and local fire marshalls, or the local may just tag along and sign off with the state inspector. Again, it behooves you to get to know your local inspector.

      We have a good working relationship with both the local fire department and the state fire marshall office. We invite the inspectors out early on to see if there have been any changes in the code, or in the way they are 'interpreting' the code, and to make sure there are no surprises during the official inspection. Sometimes they do not get out until just a few days before opening. That is not a good time to find out you do not meet code!!

      Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about it feel free to contact us at

      Asylum House Productions


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        a little more info

        Hey Chad,

        There are a few other things you need in Indiana....too much to post here. contact me at and I can fill you in.



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          Thanks for the reply. Also you have an email.