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Handsome Guy silicone mask video

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  • Handsome Guy silicone mask video

    Last edited by spfxmasks; 01-05-2010, 09:53 AM.

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    Ummmmmm Ok

    Again you show us this why? Whats scary about this? Is it me am I missing something here? I can't see people using these "human" looking mask in a haunt? Heck if they did that would it not be cheaper just to have unmasked people walking around? My New's Years wish for SPFX for 2010 SHOW US SOMETHING SCARY,SICK,DISTORTED,CREEPY,WILD,INSANE,GROSS. It appears you have talent and like someone here once said I am sure bank robbery will be on the rise with this mask but its not helping the haunt industry nor did the foul mouthed thug in the video. My point yes your good at making mask but its time to move out of the same mold. Shane and its same ole same ole! Shane this time.


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      Non Scary Mask

      We actually used one of the SPFX mask at our haunt this year.
      We snagged it off ebay for $200..
      We put goggles and a hat on it to cover up the human look..
      I believe like Shane that the mask maker has talent but in the buisness of Transworld and haunt shows alike, The scary, creepy, distorted mask wins hands down.
      Bottom line....Show us some really great mask (haunt related) and we show your company some really green dollars $$$$$$$ and Dead presidents....


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        This is great for less attractive single men. Women cheat on their real looks all the time, this can help you pick up on some attractive women in the club!! lol



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          I assume the video got flagged?
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