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New Year Resolutions!

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  • New Year Resolutions!

    This is the time of the year we all begin projecting our vision and establishing our goals and objectives for the rest of the year. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a great one for haunted attractions and other forms of entertainment. I believe the start of a new decade is going to bring a renewed sense of opportunity and a revived desire to enjoy life. This is a natural human reaction after having had time to reflect, contemplate and assess life's priorities. We're looking forward to providing some of this much needed enJOYment for people!

    I'm actually still working on establishing a clear set of new goals and objectives for the Raycliff Attractions this year so I can begin the manifestation process. It's my sincere desire that through this year I'm able to support the dreams and visions of others and contribute as much to their successes as I do mine!

    Kelly Allen
    Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

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    I resolve to get Rabid Badger Haunt Consulting a decent website and to try and double my business from last year, including actor training and voicework for haunts...(contact me for details )

    I also resolve to get the haunted acting troupe up and running by spring. I've already had one meeting with interested persons and the reaction has been nothing but positive...