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    Hi this year i believe we are going to just do a hayride, we usually have 3 mazes, but do to certain issues we will just be doing an extreemly long hayride. Last year we put off the Ride till the last minite and it was never completed, so does anyone have any good ideas. (Scares, sets, sceanes etc...) Thanks And i hope to hear some cool creative ideas! Thanks

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    I am also toying around the with haunted hayride idea and I've gotten a lot of valuable information/ideas from looking at other haunted hayrides. Bates Motel is obviously on the top of that list. Check out some YouTube videos of their place and brainstorm some ideas. The most important thing I'd concentrate on is distraction scares. A cool scene on the right, while your actors scare from the left.

    Good luck!
    Zach Wiechmann


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      Hay Wagons

      Living in a rural area most real hay wagons I see are in pretty poor mechainical condition, bald tires, rotted, splintered wood, holes in the deck, no lights (farm requirements here only call for the day-glow red/orange triangle at the back)
      Can you see anything potentially wrong with putting human beings on this in the dark, driving over uneven surfaces at night, going very slowly?
      Locally a man welded together a special wagon for this with old bus seats, railings, steps, it all looked real nice..except for the basic hitch design, but even though I was the only one thinking the design looked weak, it worked for maybe 3 years..before it broke..with a full load of people..almost to the top of the steep cemetary hill.
      Somebody didn't think about safety chains, it dug into the blacktop and stopped rolling backwards after just a few feet (Super-Lucky!)
      It would have been quite a ride down the hill, a 60 degree slope, 400 feet, backwards with curbs on both sides and sloping yards to help possibly roll it over completely if it strayed from a straight shot down the hill.
      Fatalitys happen every year from hay rides, read up on it before you do it.


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        I will refer you to your own post and then will fish for a few more


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          Yeah pop hayride ideas in the search up there and several pop up.
          Good luck,
          Allen H