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My haunt props featured in a movie

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  • My haunt props featured in a movie

    So last Summer I was contacted by a local film company that wanted to use some props in a movie they were filming. Ed Gein was a killer/necrophiliac and nut job from the area back in the 1950's and I think inspired the Texas ChainSaw movie. Anyway the movie has a local premier this Sat. Many of the props were by Creepy Collection and a few from a few other companies too.. Any Way, just thought you might geta chuckle out of it... Or if you need makeup or supplies

    "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"

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    "Some guys see a pretty girl walking down the street and wonder what it would be like to make love to her, I wonder what she would look like with her head on a stick?"
    --Ed Gein.

    But of course Ed never really said this, it was just something an author dreampt up, Ed wasn't really very "verbal".
    He was too crazy to waste time that way.


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      Very cool

      It's always a good feeling when someone else other than yourself values your work, I too, have been able to take pride in that some of my props were used in a recent horror film. Ben Dixon of LoneWolf Body Art here in TN is also a director, he directed & produced Old Habits Die Hard, Kane Hodder & Jim O'Rear are in this movie. One of my Gothic toe-pincher coffins & two different tombstones were used. I can't wait to see the movie! Last I heard the movie was in the process of being edited.
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