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How was everyone's Christmas?

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  • How was everyone's Christmas?

    Mine was great all the family was safe and sound and my nieces and nephews had a great time and to me that's what its all about. My company had another great Christmas I have been on the road now for 8 weeks I am kinda sick ( I think I am just tired it happens every year)

    Yesterday I had lunch with Ben and his son and we talked for a good bit and just enjoyed the evening. I took Ben by one of my malls and showed him what Shane's Company builds. I am now looking forward to January for some much needed rest and to finish up work on the Insane Shane TransWorld party.

    I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and hope you have a safe and Happy New Year. I also wish the best in 2010 for you, your family and your haunts! Shane and its God Bless! Shane this time.

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    Hey Shane and everyone, my Christmas was quiet. Our daughter ended up working and our son is in Okinawa. I spent most of my holiday working on my haunt. It's getting there but slow. Looking forward to seeing everyone at TW. Happy Holidays everyone!! Lets make 2010 a super year!!


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      My Christmas was white! With my family moving from CA to MO this summer, we had a very special Christmas with our very first *white* Christmas!!!
      I did spend the few days prior, however, in CA visiting my best friends and the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, of course. And I rode the Tower of Terror 5 times.
      So my Christmas was fantastic! How about everyone else's??
      Any crazy New Year plans?


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        I'll say this much, Santa was much nicer to me than I was deserving of. Mom...I mean Santa got me a REALLY nice leather exec office chair (I was kidding around when I said I'd like to get one eventually) & I was greatly surprised to find out I had gotten it. I like it very much & eventually when I own & run my own haunted house, I'd like to have a small office somewhere in the back of the haunt, probably next door to my future workshop.
        Also got a K'Nex rollercoaster set (my first one), I messed with it some then had to disassemble it (not enough room to keep it up permanently). If I can ever find a haunted house themed K'Nex set, that'll be a gift to myself! Over all a good Christmas, now however, Halloween is 110% on the brain again!
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