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    Greg, thanks for the heads up on Metrolink. Is that a bus I assume? Ken, I can totally appreciate your stance. This year I will VERY selective with my money as this season kind of sucked for us cause of the weather... I also know taht my order was also not very big with you guys. Part of my problem is that I have such a short time to set up, I dont have time to think or do all those small things that really makes a show better. I had brought 5-6 of my crew to St Louis and they were the ones that grabbed my ear and said "bossman, please get these sents this year" If you would have not been there I most likely would have forgotten.... Anyway, just some food for thought... Or if you need makeup or supplies

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      Let me clarify........Transworld is a show that we have done for years in one way or another.
      I am not doubting the fact that it is the show to be at.....but we can't flip the bill this time around.

      I wish we could.

      Sad thing? We had a handful of costumes to bring that are new but they will have to wait for now.

      I am not downing TW though the booth cost is still insane

      Larry....if it was here I would be a vendor in a heart beat.
      I would open the house as we always have and it wouldn't cost us a fortune to do the show.

      Ron...a customer is a customer no matter how bad you!!!!!!
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        Dirk, Metrolink is St.Louis transit/kinda subway system. It runs under the city and goes several places in the St.Louis area. Its cheaper than a cab and its safe to ride.
        Greg Allen


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          I think your product is prime and you should go on "shark tank" where you provide the product and history, they buy into the company and you become a millionaire (if you haven't seen it)....

          The problem is your product last for many years. Good think for end users but not as good for repeat yearly business. We are on our fourth year with the same packs. So the 30 or 40 dollars you spend per scent, last 4-5 yrs. But we have to buy it the first year to know.

          What about giving your costumes and/or sharing a booth with another vendor or two (if that is allowed)? Maybe that would be a good thread to start for vendors that can't swing the whole thing? Just a thought.

          Oh course, this forum is free and most of us know your work so again most would buy (without seeing hands on) and you wouldn't have to pay a dime for advertising.

          You are always going to have people looking at products/props and making them cheaper. Everyone of us has done that. You happen to have a fairly unique product with the scents however.

          I for one fall into that small haunt with not a bunch of money onhand for winter sales. Larry is absolutely right that you are the finishing touch on the haunt so you are the last minute thought but a sale. That's why MHC is important to us smaller haunts.

          Problem is we see it in St Louis, go to Philly for that convention and bought there because it's close to me(no shipping, etc), can cash and carry and same with MHC. So St Louis show actually overflows into these other small shows and helps there numbers. So that poll needs to be taken as to not what show $$$$ are sold but where did the lead actually come from.


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            4 years on the same packs? All of ours, except fog additive, are all scentless now! hahaha.... We must have been really "over-stinking" it up! We kinda assumed though that the scents would be a yearly purchase anyways; like cobwebs, fog juice, jute/camo netting, etc. -Tyler
            Chris Riehl


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              We have two of them that we have used three years in a row. IDK we purchase each year but that burnt flesh is nasty...LOL

              I would just like to see the vendors at St Louis. I have been doing a lot of research on the marketing for both of my businesses and bottom line is you have to ask to know where your business is coming from. Unfortunately everyone is really tight and advertising is expensive. What some of us are doing in real estate is combination advertising. I think some vendors here should combined or "get a dealership with eachother and promote together". We considered going to Transworld with our stiltz and iwata stuff but I don't think it is enough to pay for a booth. I'd be in the same boat as others.