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    I saw Avatar and must say this might be one of the coolest movies of the year... the creativity is amazing, I would say this movie is a must see for sure... I hope Cameron doesn't wait another ten years before he makes another movie because this guy knows how to make a blockbuster!

    The story is very original, with all sorts of hints from his previous movies especially Aliens. When I first saw the trailers I thought man this is going to suck, but no it doesn't it was a creative masterpiece.

    Larry Kirchner

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    When it's on DVD

    I'll check the label for the "Tar" content.
    Do you find that as you get older that more movies seem better to you, Larry?
    It has kind of worked that way for me, I think.
    I got more generous and forgiving..? Or maybe just the overall level of movie making competantcy has been much higher?
    Movies and Haunted Houses are alot alike in many ways.


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      Just saw the movie tonight in 3D. Amazing is all I can say. A must see. The CGI is the best I have ever seen. It will keep you glued to the screen for the whole 2.5 hours. Yes, it is almost 3 hours but worth every minute. We have seen the basic story before in movies. I believe Star Trek did it when Data went rouge on that planet were everyone was old but looked young? The bad guys wanted to move the population off so they could suck the life out of the planets rings? Can't remember the title of the movie right now. Anyway it was the way in which the good wins over the bad in the movie Avatar that is so incredible. Cool really very cool. Makes one want to strive to the nth degree when designing the next 3D haunted house. This height would be pretty impossible to reach but it would be fun trying. I kept my glasses just in case........


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        Haunted House?
        Designing a 3-D , don't most of us design using one "D"?
        Hard to beat that one and first "D".
        "Oh, it's so dark!", Some whimpy customer will say.
        "Yes! And there is Alot of that going around, just look up into the night sky, see all the dark engulfing those few stars? Scary isn't it?"


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          I saw the movie twice. Great movie and a must see for creative engineers like ourselves.


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            so you are saying...

            There will be tons of blue makeup sold this year?
            Yes, becoming inspired by another's creations is a buzzy feeling.
            Using their work as a blueprint and trying to just duplicate what they have shown you is not "creative" though. I have never felt the same joy when engaged in rote work and heavan knows these is enough of that to be done everyday on this planet! (Like shoveling snow, raking leaves, painting a wall all one color.....turning the second screw on the bottom of a widget in the widget factory for 20 years..8 hours a day...)
            but then there's always poetry!


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              Just got back form seeing this at the Imax in 3d.....if you have an Imax around, spend the extra money and see it in 3d...well worth it. It was amazing, inspirational, and beautiful in every way. I think what made Avatar so unique, besides the mind-blowing visual effects, was the fact that the human race loses, we the Americans lose. The enemy is ourselves and we are cheering against them. It's a real eye-opener and I hope all the younger viewers, my generation, who see this take something from it and have a better appreciation for this world. Excellent film...I can't see anything topping it in my time.
              Chris Riehl