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Sundays or Thursdays? Fridays or Saturdays?

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  • Sundays or Thursdays? Fridays or Saturdays?

    We are going into our second year and 2 questions were asked that I didn't have the answer to.

    #1 - Are Fridays or Saturdays busier? It rained every day this year so we didn't get a chance to figure it out! We are expanding quite a bit for 2010 and we would like to know for scheduling purposes.

    #2 - Expanding our calender, which nights are better to be open - Thursday or Sunday? This year Halloween is a Sunday so we will be open that Sunday for sure, but for the other weeks of the season?

    Thanks a lot!
    Lucas Cox
    Cox Farms

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    I have found Saturdays to be a bit busier due to high school football games competing on Friday nights. But then, HS football is rather big around these parts.

    I think Thursday is the big party night at the local colleges so I would be more inclined to open that night. As a new haunt, you may want to only open on Thursdays or Sundays later in the season while you build up your following...


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      I agree with Badger. Saturdays are busier here for us compared to Fridays. We have football, people working, rush hour etc that are obstacles on Friday. We still get a good turnout on Friday, but it's different on Saturday. If I had to pick between Thursday and a Sunday, I would pick Sunday. If you can do both days that is better. Thursday through Sunday for me work the best and gets the best results. But if your limited to days then weekends only would be fine, nothing like having fun all weekend and starting your week off with a smile on your face for your guests. I have major kudos for haunts that open every night or close to it, it takes alot from the actors and the haunt to pull that off.


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        Welsh Witch

        Being open every night of the entire year becomes addictive.
        My energy level renues itself many times in the course of a single night's events here, Thankfully.
        I am constantly inspired by simple personal achievement to give people more and wackier times here than they ever could imagined .
        What a surprise it is for them to discover such entertainment here in the middle of a big cornfield, especially after they have driven for many hours through cornfields to arrive here.
        (My spies tell me when they are getting close) Most people surprisingly don't notice a raccoon riding a deer, of course it is the dead possuum's job to distract them.


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          The Darkness is open every night in october you can't make money if you are not open as the saying goes...

          Its hard to advertise less days and I feel the weekdays only get bigger and bigger as the season goes on... maybe the first monday you only do 200 people but the last money we are doing 650 people.

          It really builds if you open nightly in October.

          Larry Kirchner


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            What is your market size?

            KNOW YOUR MARKET! Your market size should dictate when you are open. In big metro areas you can't miss on any of those nights. In smaller areas, you will probably find that Thursdays are ok, Fridays are getting hot, and Saturdays will be packed. You need to find out the population 15 miles and 30 miles because most of you initial ticket sales will come from there. Some say as much as 90 % in fact.

            I saw a hayride at a corn maze in Salt Lake City area do a great business on a Monday. The Mormons don't do anything on Sundays but Monday is a family day out much like Saturday is for most of us. I couldn't believe it but the operator knew their market. They weren't open on Sundays, but Mondays boomed.

            In our small area, Thursday is the day we open rather than Sunday.

            But, later in the month of October many are open most of the days of the week.

            Then when you have established a great haunt and are in a major market like St Louis, every day of the month will be used to count cash!!

            Good Luck.
            Brett Molitor (aka ~ JamBam) Member of HAA

            Haunted Hotel-13th Floor (est by Huntington Jaycees in 1968 8) )
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            Hysterium Haunted Asylum (old Haunted Cave), Fort Wayne Indiana

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