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Advertising $'s Spent : 1 Customer

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  • Advertising $'s Spent : 1 Customer

    I'm sure everyone has heard the famous $2-$3 spent on advertising = 1 attendee theory, by Leonard Pickel... But does that typically hold true for your event?

    I know it always varies based on market, ticket price, weather, show quality, etc., etc... But in general, what was your average (avertising $ spent : 1 customer) ratio for this past 2009 season?

    Above $4.00
    $3.50 - $4.00
    $3.00 - $3.50
    $2.50 - $3.00
    $2.00 - $2.50
    $1.50 - $2.00
    $1.00 - $1.50
    Below $1.00
    Jordan Renda

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    Honestly the cost could be much higher if you look at adding in coupons as part of the cost per customer to attract their business. Example say you spend $3 in advertising to get them familar with you and get them onto the property. Then they give you a $3 off coupon. This means we could be spending upwards of $6 a head if you think about it. So should we offer less $ per coupon and spend more in advertising or offer more per coupon and spend less in advertising, No one ever adds coupons into the equation. Ill bet theres haunts who spend less per head in advertising then whats lost in coupons
    The flesh is weak wax is eternal.


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      No Lie.

      Last year I spent .o1 cent per customer.
      We are open almost Every night of the year plus Sat. & Sun. afternoons for 21 years, in the Same location.
      All very advantageous to allowing customers to locate you. (harder to hit a moving target)
      I do invest alot of time and effort to impress each customer so they carry the advertising burdon for me willingly (and maybe unknowingly?)
      It's like a quiet pox. Spread from the oral opening invading the mind through the ears .
      It is the best advertising ever created and it can't be bought or paid for with money.
      (First-born children maybe, if they seem presentable)

      I have never spent $1,000s of dollars advertising because I didnot have it to spend, so I had to do and try other things.
      My Spookymobile car always brought customers back here everytime I drove it out of town.
      It can be seen on our website. It was once black, black with pink stripe, orange, a motorcycle and dead rider on the side(in a big dent), it was once a Superbird clone, it was also my parade car and did a few tricks and is not and never ever was a hearse! (Think outside the box, the box is littered with too much of the same old crap, change that litter!)


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        We Spent about $1/person I think. Social media is almost free, just time put into it. We had a video made up, a page on our website, a small part in our brochure and some signs and whatnot made up so everyone that came through our daytime activities saw them. A lot of this piggy backed on our daytime stuff so it is hard to say exactly how much we spent.
        Lucas Cox
        Cox Farms


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          Just Wait...

          For your customers to hand you the coupon people tried to hand us a few years ago:"Coupon good at ANY Haunted House$5.00 off regular price."
          That was "IT". No city, county, state or haunt names, printed on a big sheet of copier paper, no artwork, no hint or origin.
          you bet.
          Idiots who want you to play Their Idiot Game?
          Do you get mad, upset or laugh?
          The really bad part of this is they showed up with these on a very busy night so more precious time had to be wasted communicating a concept called reality to some dimm-witties.
          But then we weren't alone, that spring the grocery store put up signs:"We Do Not Accept Internet Coupons!"
          What business would? Maybe people selling copying machines and computer printers?
          "Go print $100 dollar bills instead."


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            I'd say we spent roughly $1.70 per person to get them here.

            We didnt offer a coupon but we are planning on it for next year. And Pat makes a good point. That coupon price should be added in to the total amount.

            But on top of that... customers are more likely to pick up a flier with a coupon on it than a flier that doesnt.

            So that should be factored in also.
            Brad Bowen
            Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA


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              I'm open year-round here , we see some fans coming here numerous times, bringing a group every time so we sometimes hand them discount coupons and guess what?
              They forget the coupon but want the discount, so then they can get a double discount next time?
              I don't like haggling or coupons, life is too short.
              I get too grumpy.
              "Your price is too high." Said the group of drunks at 2 am who all wanted to see my house for a total of $3.80 for 8 people.
              "I think the Wal-Mart haunted house just down the street is still open." I point down Carroll St. A poor excuse for a street, more like a cow path on a side hill.
              Away they go walking in little Mount Carroll (pop.1,700)
              I wonder where they ended up?
              I did this twice with groups of late night drunks!
              Last seen shuffling on down the street.
              "You're welcome! Glad I could be of service."


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                This is a great poll- I'd have another couple questions for you though. With what you spent did you feel you got your money's worth? Will you do more or less this year?


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                  I spent $60? for an ad at a local campground and that place is very busy with people looking for something to do, being open all year long sees me looking in different places for continious customers than an October only haunt.
                  MY Spookmobile car is a rolling billboard and has probably always been my best ad. It can be seen on the website although it has been modified since those pictures went up.

                  "Word 0f M0uth" Will Always be anyone's BEST advertising. Pleasing the patron can never be under rated, they will keep selling you all year long, year in, year out illreguardless of the season.
                  I have also been very fortunate since starting by recieving incredible free "advertising" from newspapers, radio, Tv shows, tourist publications.
                  This last October The Ravens Grin Inn was even on Fangoria 's 20 top Haunts list!?
                  I bribed no one, made no phone calls, provided no one with any gifts or virgin sacrifices. I just made a very non-standard type of experience here for these last 23 years and that got me there, on their list.
                  It remains a big surprise to me!