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PR: National Haunters Convention & Canadian Haunters Convention join forces

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  • PR: National Haunters Convention & Canadian Haunters Convention join forces


    [Valley Forge, PA] The National Haunters Convention (NHC) and Canadian Haunters Convention (CHC) made an historic announcement today regarding a partnership forged between the two groups that they say will change the landscape of the haunting scene in North America in 2010 and beyond.

    “In order to remain competitive, innovative, and cutting edge, Haunters Conventions can no longer be considered regional in an ever changing business landscape” stated Rob Kocher of the NHC “We have to consider economies of scale, as well as realize that the big boys in the supplier trades have already adapted their businesses to be International in scope”.

    In an effort to become leaders in the convention industry, both NHC and CHC realized that they had to work together, instead of thinking of one another as the competition. “Conventions of this nature need to be considered entertainment venues” commented Matthew Flagler, founder of the CHC. “Haunters have demonstrated time and again that they’re devoted to haunting entertainment in all its forms, in the same way that a true football fanatic travels the continent in a motor home, attending the tail-gate parties, and taking in numerous spectacular events annually!” Flagler concluded.

    Both conventions are slated for the Northeast American continent and each is expected to draw attendees from throughout the region, across the nation and around the world. The NHC event is being held April 29th - May 2nd, 2010 at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. CHC's convention is May 7th - 9th, 2010 in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada at the Parkway Convention Centre, in the Heart of the Niagara Region.

    "This partnership has created a powerhouse that allows both our organizations to connect with completely different segments of the haunting community while offering a unique haunting entertainment experience to attendees literally from all over the world” added Michael Bruner of NHC. “This is a truly ground-breaking announcement, one without precedent in the business. We are excited about the possibilities that exist, and optimistic about the future of haunting in North America” said Bruner.

    But the good news doesn’t end there. By working together both parties are able to cost-share on a number of fronts, and as a result, have been able to pass those discounts on to the haunters and suppliers that attend both events. For more information about applicable discounts, please visit the NHC website at or the CHC site at

    Michael Bruner

    The National Haunters Convention - OVER 100 vendor booths!
    Valley Forge, PA

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    That's all well and good but, how is the organization going to make this attractive to new Canadian haunters or even American vendors for that matter? I would really like to see this show get to the level of your NHC but really, something like this would require a boom in Canadian interest toward haunting...unless, there are a number of individuals who just haven't been able to rise to the pro level. The Ontario/Toronto Metro area can probably burst to the level of the Detroit area if you guys tool the show correctly and of course with the proper planning and coordination you guys might be able to do haunt tours in our market...WIN!!(always wanted that to happen) If my grades suffice, I will definitely be attending CHC but, it would really be a stretch of the imagination for NHC.(read my Transit to Terror thread and see why)
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      Just one more disservice to the industry... Too bad Canada's isn't aware of the fact they are dealing with a regional show that calls itself a national show. Oh, well, they will catch on I'm sure.


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        I'm not in this to be in any way inflammatory. It's not my style. But I want to ask how how can speak about a show you have never been to? The NH4C had vendors from Florida and guests from Oregon and Canada last year. That doesn't sound regional to me.



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          I still have NO CLUE WHAT SO EVER WHY... the Haunters Convention is putting their show on the same date as Hauntcon. That makes NO sense to me what so ever... NONE!

          That is NOT good for either show, the industry, people who would like to visit both shows, you make vendors choose one or the other... its just stupid!

          I think the NHC should move their show because Hauntcon came first... but whatever its everyones own business and they can do whatever they want... still I think its stupid!

          Oh well someone loses and no one wins in this one!

          As for is the show national ... look everything is WORLD WIDE NOW thanks to the web. But is this show THE show for the industry NO WAY neither is any of the others. What I didn't like last year was all the bragging about how vendors sold more at this show than that show... I think now we have more shows than we need way more... I don't think we need a Canada show, an East Coast, a Southeast nothing... vendors do not have endless amounts of money to travel to all these shows so to create 10 more OMG! Either way are they national sure they are ... if you sell hand made t-shirts out of your garage you are now WORLD WIDE! LOL

          Larry Kirchner


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            This does really suck, as I went to both shows last year and had a great time at both! Now everyone will have to choose. I guess its going to boil down to what vendors are attending what shows, what seminars are at each, etc.... Wish they were at different times so I could go to both, now I'm going to have to wait for them both to announce whats going on at what show and make my decision!

            Tim Bunch
            House Of Horrors And Haunted Catacombs


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              This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen... someone change their dates for God Sakes, otherwise both of these shows could take a nose dive! Both shows are hurting each other by slicing up the vendors and slicing up the buyers support... both shows lose!

              I think that Hauntcon has the biggest following, longest running, so the PA show should move dates. Push it back two weeks whats the big deal?

              At this point the two shows might not be able to move but if they could I would change... if not expect half the crowd, half the vendors, and half the support... if I was a vendor I would have to think that it might not be worth it to support the shows because you are only getting 50% of the potential support.

              MOVE THE DATES!

              This is stupid! On a side note we updated our tradeshow page a couple weeks ago and included the new PA show on the list, however we can only support one of the two shows because they are both on the same weekend. Patti wants to go to these shows but we can only go to one not both... and that sucks!

              Larry Kirchner


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                Can someone move?

                I haven't been to the PA show, almost went last year, thought I'd check it out this year. I'll have to see what each show has to offer before I decide, but I will decide, one or neither, which sucks, as once again I may not be able to see the PA show, if I wanted to. I'm sure a lot of others are in the same boat, I agree, doesn't seem smart for either show, seems like they should try to work something out.

                2 or 3 cents

                Chris Stafford
                1331 Entertainment Group
                Denver Haunted Houses - The Asylum & 13th Floor Haunted House
                13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio, Texas
                13th Floor Haunted House - Phoenix, Arizona


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                  Responding - loooong

                  Below is my (partial) response
                  I was going to respond to this thread at length, and I noticed that Rob posted a very good explanation over on the other forum - so I'm just going to use his explanation here.

                  Michael Bruner
                  National Haunters Convention

                  Below is Robs Response from the other forum

                  I just wanted to throw a real quick post in response to some of your questions, and please feel free to email me or call me at 856-981-6239 at any time. I will do my best to try to answer a few questions for you now and would always gladly talk to you or anyone anytime over the phone....

                  First, as far as efforts to move the dates, we actually put a lot of effort into moving dates this year and previous years. To give you some of the history, the ONLY reason we were on Easter last year was because of a conflict with HauntCon and we were only able to move to Easter weekend which we did.

                  If you saw how MUCH effort was made to move this years dates, you would be amazed as well...However, it was simply not possible. A convention center (especially in the Philly market) has everything booked years in advance, even in a bad economy. Thus, we have to sign and seal the dates now, there were only 3 weekends left for 2012!!!! So, to give you an example (and we have this posted on our HOME page right now) are the next three years of dates.

                  2010 Show Dates!
                  Thursday, April 29th, 2010
                  Friday, April 30th, 2010
                  Saturday, May 1st, 2010
                  Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

                  2011 Show Dates!
                  Thursday, May 5th, 2011
                  Friday, May 6th, 2011
                  Saturday, May 7th, 2011
                  Sunday, May 8th, 2011

                  2012 Show Dates!
                  Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
                  Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
                  Friday, May 4th, 2012
                  Saturday, May 5th, 2012
                  Sunday, May 6th, 2012

                  There are so many conventions now, they are always going to be near each other....Transworld is a little before us, Canadian the weekend after, and Midwest a few weekends after that plus a West Coast Haunters Convention is starting now as well....with locations having to be set years in advance, I'm sure many more things will fall on top of each other over the years, it's simply going to happen.

                  With that said, I think both conventions will do fine. I always wish HauntCon well, and my goal in working with Michael is too always to simply produce a professional product for the attendees as well as a profitable show for the vendors. I hope we are never on the same weekend again, but there is nothing more that can be done. Our dates are now posted publically for years in advance and if they are taken again by any other show, we can only keep pushing forward and not look back.

                  The population base here in the Greater Philadelphia market is so large and growing that we have a huge basis of people to draw from. The amount of advertising and promotion that National Haunters Convention is getting this year is huge and I really look forward to a wonderful year. We have already broken all goals in advertising for this year, and there are still many months to come. I do not think any vendor or patron who attends this year will be disappointed with our show. Remember, Michael and I are doing this for the love of the Halloween industry, not to 'make a buck'. My income comes from my profit making companies such as Camelot Computers, Inc and The Village of Darkness, not from the Haunters Convention. Many times Michael even pays for things out of his personal pocket, simply to keep costs down, he is a very dedicated person to this industry. This is why we have the lowest vendor costs of any of the conventions, our booths are only $295 and we don't charge a single penny profit on any item you get from the convention such as pipe and drabe, tables, etc. Michael and I are totally dedicated to this convention and have already prepaid many things so far in advance that we are completely set for the upcoming years.

                  We have so much planned this year, and such strong sponsors lined up already (US Army, American Red Cross, Fangoria Magazine, Gothic Beauty Magazine, Bawls Energy Drink) this year will be a very nice show. Even with the economy down, I'm not too worried, our area had not really taken a strong hit like some other regions and everything from our Facebook, to website hits, to emails, to pre-registration numbers are way up. That bodes very well for numbers for our show, as well as for the vendors who attend. So, while I agree with you that if I was picking a vacation location, Disney is always great, but if I was a vendor or I'm planning to attend the show as a pro haunter or home haunter or even your average halloween fan, I'm going to pick the show with the most to offer and best bang for my buck.

                  Finally, there will even be a HUGE cross promotion show joint venture we are putting together that will really be a lot of fun. The same weekend as our show this year will be a large gaming convention (for Medieval, Horror, Dungeons and Dragons, Arcade, and Xbox, PS3 type of events). Well, the Valley Forge Convention center has worked with us to create a huge shared space between both shows (our show and theirs) so that our attendees and their attendees will get to do a lot of fun things for free such as Horror Arcade games, or LARP sword fighting. This will allow us a huge area for attendees to have a lot of fun in a public area, plus, it will allow us to cross promote events. The other show will be featuring our costume ball, etc and we will even offer some of their speakers, or over night events, etc. In general, once we work out the details, this year will be a really fun year with a lot of stuff to offer to anyone who attends the National Haunters Convention both as a vendor or attendee.

                  So, sorry for the long response, I don't get a chance to post often since I'm always doing everyone else's computer work...hehe, but I'm very excited about this year, and really look forward to it.

                  Robert Kocher
                  The Village of Darkness
                  National Haunters Convention

                  Michael Bruner

                  The National Haunters Convention - OVER 100 vendor booths!
                  Valley Forge, PA

                  The Cadavers Cotillion

                  Get behind the scenes tours to the best haunted attractions!



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                    I doubt 110% that you couldn't get a different date, the two shows are at odds and trying to show each other up that is how I see it. No matter two shows can't be the end all be all, or a national whatever, or expect to have zillions of buyers or vendors when you are splitting up the audience.

                    Furthermore the reality is the vendor support and buyer support for these two shows are not that giant to start with and now they will be even lower considering the same date weekend. I doubt very seriously that this new National Haunters Convention will attract anything but local haunts, which is fine but hardly enough to run around and ask for tons of vendor support.

                    If you had a different date or if Hauntcon had a different date you'd be more successful! Clearly!

                    Lastly calling a spade a spade what is the Canadian Haunters Convention and how does that help your event? It doesn't so its not some major league announcement... I've never even heard of it and I'm sure it will be a fun event but how big will that really be?

                    This IS ALL getting kinda nutty everyone and their Grandma starting a show of some kind and pronouncing its a NATIONAL EVENT, BIGGEST OF ITS KIND, jam packed with this that and the other... vendors are NOT going to support all this, they just ARE NOT GOING TO...

                    1) When will vendor EVER be able to fill orders if all they do is go to every show someone tries to create?

                    2) How can vendors afford all of this?

                    We have ONE MAJOR SHOW and all vendors will be there... if you are a serious buyer or seller you will be there! As a secondary show IAAPA takes the prize, then you have all these other shows starting with MHC and Hauntcon. How many more are needed with a tradeshow floor... I say ZERO!

                    Our industry is SMALL... we can't afford to split our industry spread out across 10 different shows! We need ONE MASSIVE SHOW where all attend and some smaller secondary shows or regional events. Last year Robert declared that the NHC had vendors selling more product than Transworld and for the records I don't believe that for a New York minute.

                    I wish the NHC all the luck in the World but gee whiz figure out a way to not place your event on the same date as another show which is much more well established. I don't think its right and benefits no one!

                    If your plan is to become as big as you possibly can be that is great, I wish you all the luck but you just don't start on that path by trying to hurt another show. Just an opinion!

                    Larry Kirchner