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Clearing up the confusion.

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  • Clearing up the confusion.

    I have had several email me and are confused on the parties. Ok if you go to Transworld's website and click on daily events you will see the Insane Shane kick off party. This is the party with all the food, prizes, music, cash ect. This is a party I am putting together for the industry much like the famous Rubies parties that I have attended every year as a costume buyer.

    The one that people are getting confused on is the one Transworld itself is hosting and that is the one at the Flamingo Bowl Bowling Alley its also on Wednesday but its from 12 to 6 thats when they will have seminar's and then a party from 6 to 8. My party starts at 7:30 at the Ren Grand Ball Room the price will be 85.00 per person and many haunts will walk away with some awsome prizes more on that later. Hope this clears up things. If you get HW, HA, or 13th hour magazines there will be more info on my party in these publications. Shane and its more to come later! Shane this time.

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    Two questions -

    1) is it a full on costume party?

    2) Will you serve nuggets?

    Ben Armstrong


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      LMAO Ben To Funny!

      Sure I will have Ol' Pappy some nuggets lol! If people want to come to the party dressed its all cool. I think the cool thing about the die hard actors who want to dress up they can mingle and then go back to their rooms and get dressed and come back to the party for the contest all at the hotel. Oh yeah don't forget Mr. Ben you got to be a judge! Shane and its nuggets are coming! Shane this time.


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        Wow about the same price as subscribing to the 13th Hour magazine. Hmm Shanes party, 13th Hour Magazine. Shanes Party, 13th hour magazine. Im gonna have to think about this one. LOL!
        Damon Carson


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          Damon LOL UMMMM NO

          I tried my hardest to keep this party at the $50.00 range and actually I am sure more money will come out of my pocket in the end. One thing I have learned about this is I now totally understand all the bullshit charges our vendors go through. Same with this party only place that can hold over 200 people and is the Ren Grand or Americas Center and if I had went with them it would have been over 100 bucks and I was not going to do that. I had to pay the Ren Grand 15,000.00 up front for this party thanks to the NCCA. Hell I may have just paid for the most expensive party I will ever have alone lol oh well then I can take all the prizes. Really when they see everything thats went into this they will be happy if not I expect nothing less than them coming here and letting everyone know about it I sure as heck would. Trust me my name is on the line on this all for us guys and gals to have fun!!

          Look at it this way you pay $85.00 for food, fun, dancing, making friends, and some haunts are gonna walk away with some cool prizes they might not could afford and there are some actors thats gonna walk away with some good spending money! Shane and its I want let you down on this I promise! Shane this time!