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    Does anybody have an opinion about how big each trailer should be and how many of them for a new haunted house? Also, I would be adding onto this haunt in the future.

    Has anybody bought one of those steel buildings and used it for a haunt?
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    Hey the haunt i volunteer with is in trailers we use of the and then make platforms in the middle to connect them, we actually had 4 this year, 1 for makeup and another one we didnt use but in the future we will, interseting story we used old construction trailers and someone was actually killed in one of them by a tornado in the past before we bought them, the haunts are fairly easy to make,and you dont need to use as many walls,
    I bought all of the props for my Haunted Graveyard this year with the $600 in FREE AMAZON GIFTCARDS I got for searching Google with this site!