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Its Official: Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show is Moving

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  • Its Official: Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show is Moving

    Transworld is officially moving the whole show to Las Vegas starting in 2008. The show will now be located at Sand Expo and Convention Center and the show will be held on March 16-19th.

    In the past they had a Halloween show in Vegas but it never went over well probably because of Chicago, but now the WHOLE show will be located in Vegas.

    There are also rumors of other things happening that would make the show EVEN more exciting than EVER before...more on that later if it happens. Anyway what does everything think?

    Larry Kirchner

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    That sucks. I don't go to any shows that I can't drive too right now. I would hate to have to start flying to Transworld. Right now it's a 7 hour drive. I wouldn't want to have to go further, but I guess there is no choice. Do they figure they will get more people if they move to Las Vegas? Most of the big haunt companies are closer to chicago.
    Brian Warner
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      I always thought the competition with EVERYTHING else there is to see and do in Vegas is what helped to make the Vegas show an also-ran, especially as far as the venders were concerned.
      Is Transworld really leaving or did they get booted in favor of a show that makes the place more money? After Haunters arrive in Vegas, I hope they remember to attend the show!
      There's the Paper Clip Show, the Electric Toothbrush Show, The Celebrity Booger Collectors Expo......


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        You know I agree with you and yes you're right however Chicago is cold, hard to find hotels, nothing to do, etc. Vegas is the #1 spot in the AMERICA for tradeshows...there must be a reason for it.

        I do think most haunt vendors are east of St. Louis and are haunters so this is putting everyone further away.

        The one thing I think will happen is FEWER people will bring an entourage with them. This could get the show back to being a business to business show and less of the one business owner and 15 staff members.

        Thats not a bad thing either.

        Larry Kirchner


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          It's going to be much further for us, but I think it's AWESOME news! I'm not a big fan of cold weather and it's much easier to justify the expense when going to the convention can also be viewed as a vacation! I love it! Thanks for the news!

          Chris Riehl



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            Why would anyone wish to bring 15 guys with them , more competition for the showgirl's attentions!
            I'll be there as soon as those real-looking 100's coming off my ink-jet printer! Exactly which color and brand of ink do you use for yours Larry?


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              I'm assuming but not sure that the show will never be coming back to Chicago, I think once its moved its there for good.

              What are the pros and cons of Vegas? What are the pros and cons of Chicago. Do you think its a good idea or not?

              I'm waiting for Rich Strelak to chime in ... I'm sure he likes the idea. LOL

              Larry Kirchner


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                Rich won't like it at all, having 700 sleeping bags and tents on his lawn for a week!
                There is "Circus! circus!", then there would be "Circus! Circus! Circus!Circus!" (Rich practising the "Cussing".) hahahaha!
                I have been to Vegas once, I was there the morning Elvis was found dead.
                I had an alibi.
                Elvis never had said, "The day Jim Warfield shows up in Vegas, I'll drop dead!" But he might have?


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                  YAY !!!!!! When a four hour flight is replaced with a four hour drive PumpkinHead is a happy Jack-o-lantern.... and he refers to himself in third person..... don't make fun of him

                  He will see you all in 2008



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                    I wouldnt mind going to Las Vegas but Chicago was nicer. I dont think people would take a bus from Las Vegas to Green Bay for the Frozen Tundra Tour, or the Dream Reapers Tour. As far as the weather is concerned do it later in the year or just deal with it. It's not THAT cold! (Then again I live in Wisconsin). We'll just have to see what happens
                    Sean De Wane
                    The De Wane Asylum


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                      Bring it to Orlando,lots to do and its not freaking cold.
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                        Is their any MAJOR haunts in LV? I don't know of any! -Tyler
                        Chris Riehl


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                          My first thoughts are that it sucks because that is half a world away for me when Chicago is only 4 hours. I also wonder if the prices will be hiked, lowered, or stay at the already high levels they are currently at.

                          On the bright side, Nevada is a right to work state so the stanglehold that the unions have on us at Chicago will be lifted. I can't say that I'm sorry to see that go.

                          Flying is much more expensive than driving, however. I think overall this will not be a good move. I expect smaller turnouts and less revenue for Transworld meaning higher costs for those of us who still go.

                          I'd be real curious about the projected cost increases or decreases.
                          Kip Polley

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                            I totally agree the total overall attedance will DROP!!!

                            But I also think the qualified buyer will INCREASE, because many people will view this as a getaway in addition to a tradeshow. Many amusement park owners/managers will probably use the show as an excuse to finally come again, but the real reason is Vegas.

                            The one thing I think you will LOSE for sure is the gatherings, taking over a hotel, sitting down at one hotel and talking all night. I think you will lose a lot of people getting together and talking as most will be in different hotels, and people will go to shows, casinos, or just walk around.

                            From that stand point this will ruin the experience from what you know it as now, however as a vendor you should be happy if more qualified buyers come and you have to weed through less people who don't own any type of haunt and plan no buying nothing but still want your brochures and dvds.

                            Its a catch 22...

                            As for haunts there are many haunts in Vegas and I'm sure you'll find them opening up for this event. I'm sure Rich Strelak will be doing something, maybe Randy Griggs, etc.

                            I doubt you'll find many people who don't want an excuse to go to Vegas and I think in the end thats the bottom line. As for hurting TW, it might cause some vendors to scale back booths because of shipping costs, who knows. On the other hand you might see an increase in buyers so you buy more booths. Who knows right now.

                            It will be different!

                            Larry Kirchner


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                              First of all, I personally am not too thrilled with it. But it would be good to see in a new city though. There aren't too many people who will feel bad for those who complain about not being able to drive there anymore, it's been in Chicago long enough and now you guys can fly too!

                              But I think that a Halloween show would still be better received in Chicago rather than Vegas. Sadly Vegas is going back to it's old ways and with everything going on, the city of Vegas will hardly notice that the Transworld show is in town.

                              Plus, that's going to be a long flight for all of us on the east coast, which is where a lot of haunts are. I'm not much for flying although I do it often, last flight to Vegas I got real sick!!!

                              SomeThingInTheIce has a good idea, move it to Orlando, even if IAAPA is there who couldn't use another trip to Florida? And you wouldn't have to deal with all the aggressive "hoes" an loud drunks on the street on the way back to your hote in Vegasl!

                              But it would be cool to see Rich's haunts, if he decided to open, they look awesome!