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    Google Sketchup

    I couldn't help myself...just had to draw up a 3D this similar to what your platform looks like? Can't WAIT to start on one!!

    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...


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      thats pretty close, Since my theme this year was bugs the set was a big spiders lair beef netting webs and hot glue webs everywhere, and polyurethane sprayed balloons made into giant spider egg sacks. very effective room. The actors costume had light up eyes and extra arms so it was pretty cool.
      Nice sketch up.


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        Giant bugs? NICE! Allen, when you say hot glue webs did you use those special hot glue spider web guns or did you JUST use a hot glue gun? I've never done much cob webs in my haunt and I want to find a better way of doing them instead of that cheap cotton stuff and without spending all the money on the cob web gun.


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          Long before "thermoplastic" webbing guns the guys at Skull kingdom used a hot glue gun held in front of a hair dryer. With the new guns being $20 now though there is no reason not to have one or make your own as the plans are every where online.
          You can do it both ways, I have one gun and had another person with the hairdryer and glue gun. Just play around with letting glue drip in front of the dryer and aiming it where you want to go. I like to tack up fishing line in a few key areas in order to give it some place to land. Then If you want you can spray paint the webs.
          Allen H


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            My 2 cents...
            We used 2 bungee rigs this year with a good deal of success. My observation (and my experience may be different than others) is that the bungee is effective, but the placement and integration of the rig is extremely important, because if it doesn't integrate (safely) with your scene/them, it's just a stunt platform.
            The platform we used is very similar to the one Allen has shared. Ours was designed by a professional stunt company using stunt-grade hardware and equipment. I can't stress how careful to be if you are building your own. Getting a qualified engineer, etc. to at least take a look is a good idea. There's a lot of stress/force put on the frame by an average size performer.

            A few other safety thoughts:
            -It's good to have a black-out tech, 2nd actor, etc. near the platform to watch out for problems.
            Some people love to try to grab at the performer in the "down" position so the safety person needs to be there to keep your tethered actor from becoming a "punching bag pinata."

            -Also, it may be necessary to pad the uprights of the rig in case the actor comes back up at an odd angle and hits it with their shoulder. A little experience will alleviate this problem, but definitely good for training.

            We disguised one rig in a clown-themed 3D attraction and painted the rig flat black. We then painted a 4'-0" diam. circle on he facing of the platform so it looked as if the clown were standing on a large balance ball and jumping off of it. It worked well and many folks voted it as their favorite element in the haunt.

            Hope this helps!
            Nick Collins
            Themed Entertainment Design and Creative Direction