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  • Live shows?

    Well I do theater outside the season. Me and the other veteran theater actors outside of haunt season pitched the idea to the owner if we could do live theater shows for the que line. Of course halloween oriented, or not. He liked the idea.
    Lots of halloween themed shows, or just general sad ones.
    Les Miserables or even Rocky Horror Picture show.

    What do you guys think of the idea? Have you done it before? Did you get good reactions/bad reactions?
    I personally get a kick out of it.

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    Its a good idea, however I would do anything from Les Mis, or Rocky. I would come up with a custom show that fits into the theme of your haunt. First, there are copyright laws, broadway shows take this very seriously. They only grant a certain number of companies or organization rights to perform their shows each year. You cant just take songs or scenes from a musicical or play and perform them, even high school's have to get permission and pay fee's to perform the shows. Second, musical theatre dosnt really fit in well in a haunt, even if they are pieces from a creepy show. Check out the stage show from The House of Shock 2009 Its pretty intense, and way over the top, but it fits in for their theme. Come up with something original that sets the stage for what they will experience in the haunt. Frankenfurter singing while wearing womens underwear probably wont do the trick.
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      live shows

      I think live shows are awesome but depending on the type of show and the extravaganze your thinking abut. OH and there is that big thing called space! but i think that it is great. why my son and i were standing in line to Netherworld they had a DJ that was doing a good job with music but i was saying they need to have a little bit of fog rolling some strobs and some more gothic or techno goth music going to get the crowed excited. not that they needed it as it was exciting for me anyway just to ba able to have been able to make it. so shows to me are a must. in my dream haunt i have a stage allbeit small a stage fro some dancers and live entertainment to happen. just my thoughts. take care now.
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        Permissions aren't what I am worried about. I have done enough shows with the drama troupe I lead to get permission to perform them no problem. And all the actors who want to do it are part of my troupe.
        I was just using those shows as examples. Not necessarily going to perform them ha, just wanted to know what everyone thought.
        Oh and it will be a relatively small performance, they have lots of platforms we can do it on.


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          At our haunt we have guests watch a short stage show before they enter the house, performed by our icon characters and sets up our story line and is just some general entertainment. We aim to make it both funny and creepy, but throw in some startles to keep them on edge and build anticipation. We also try to use some special effects that we can use outside on our stage that we can't really use inside the house. As far as que line entertainment, I think you definitely would be able to make it work for that, and I'm all for anything that makes the time go by faster for the customers.
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            Ravens Grin...

            My place has 5,000 sq. ft. but my "stage" is the first room comfortably seating 13 people. It's not a big room but I control the lighting and I know my "stage"so it doesn't have to be any larger than it is.
            I have certain introductory things I usually say and do , I also usually explain about the haunted history of this house (non-fiction).
            I seem to scare many people simply being myself.
            I play most of it for humor, most of the time.
            I easily can spend an hour in just the first room, I could probably talk for several hours and never repeat myself concerning the incidents here.
            I also become inspired to ad-lib and banter with some attempted heckling once and awhile.
            I defuse their excessive energy with a goofy video and about 20 "defects" I can make happen in the room all around, above and under them.
            Spending as much as an hour in this room relaxes them to the extreme..and THEN something happens, when they are nearly lulled to death!
            Same results as waterboarding , without the water!


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              We bandied about several ideas for skits in the post apocalyptic themed scare yard at our haunt. We were given the go ahead, but got moved inside due to issues with certain volunteers and thus could not do it this year. I'm going to attempt to set up some skits and maybe a full blown show if it can get done with plenty of time to practice. I've always thought at least a little something beyond just roaming scarers would be good, be it a stage show, a few random skits here and there, or a band performing or whatever. Anything that gives the guests something to look at while waiting to get in. Plus while they're distracted other scarers are given ample opportunity to get those people while they're distracted. lol.


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                How is this going to be set up? Are you acting out a 2 hour long story on a stage next to the line, or acting out a 10 minute story next to the line, or does the line go into a section where they sit down, and watch your 10 minutes show, and then continue on into the haunt.

                If you don't do the last set up, people won't be able to see the whole show and that could be frustrating. They won't care, they won't really understand what you are doing.

                Would you do a 10 minute skit and repeat, or would you have 5 different 10 minutes skits.


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                  We dont have any REAL plans yet. Just bandying about the idea, and I wanted other peoples opinions/views on it.


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                    WE bring in a ballet company each year( Thats right a Ballet Company) And each year they preform sleepy hollow, it draws in so many more customers for us and actually is pretty cool!


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                      The Fright Gallery

                      What if you did a show along the lines of Fright Gallery?! Every year they re-themed their shows and I must say, the videos were entertaining to watch!! If your show is long enough it could be a stand-alone event. Don't charge extra for it, but just have it as entertainment for those who don't enjoy being scared...(the party poopers)


                      [of course I'm talking about 2010's event now, because I noticed this thread is a bit older]
                      O'Shawn McClendon
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                        Shakesphere was hysterical!

                        As performed in mere snippets, several of his plays by just three people!
                        When they needed a bench in one scene the one actor got down on all fours and was the bench! As the other two sat on him!
                        Imagine performing Peter Pan if your haunt was pirate themed! Go for max. blood from sword fights, unlike the usual Peter Pan productions!
                        Maybe a few songs from The Sound Of Music as Frankenstein clumsilly tries to dance in the backround? Quite the love intrest, huh?
                        Have some original musical numbers come bursting forth from the Q-line using planted performers singing about their anticipating the incredible, wild emotions awaiting them inside.
                        Have a drunken acting Q-liner becoming hassled by Police but the Police begin singing their problems concerning keeping people in line yet happy.
                        They simply can't get cooperation from the troublemaker so the Police pick them up and carry them up to meet the real Dracula who quickly bites their neck solving the problems.