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My last-minute costume contest winner!

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  • My last-minute costume contest winner!

    My friend asked me to help him come up with a pinhead costume last minute (3 days) before halloween for a costume contest... here's what i came up with in a hurry and on a tight budget (40 bucks). We ended up taking 1st place!


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    found a better picture, this one shows how we altered the crappy screen printed on costume detail to go with the more realistic paper towel, latex, and gelatin gore.

    For the pins, time was limited so i used the tried, true, and cheap method of hot glue and wax paper attached to the skin with liquid latex , we requisitioned all the pins from a cheap pinhead mask (for safety's sake we didnt want to use real nails lol). the grid lines were given their depth by lining them first with a detail brush and black ben nye creme makeup, then going over them with a slightly larger brush and blood fx gelatin. pictures don't do justice to how great this looked in the low light conditions of the bar, the fx gelatin created a ridge on each side of the grid lines and the black underlying gave them further depth. VERY proud of how this turned out considering the time put into it (very very little haha) not to mention the invisible patch job we had to do on the bald cap, the store we went to only had one size and my friend has a larger than average head so naturally the bald cap did exactly what we didnt want... tear. I just wish i could find a picture of the back of his head, with my nifty spray-painted sculpey hook in the back of his head, positioned in the wrinkles of the bald cap to look as though it was gathering the flesh on his scull up.
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      Terrific job! Congrats on your win!!


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        This looks great!

        For future reference...I got the info from Doug Bradley himself...the original nails in all the makeups were actually painted plastic q-tip shafts with dremeled off actual nail heads super glued to the ends.

        Mike "Pogo" Hach
        -Mike "Pogo" Hach