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Paid vrs vol actors?

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  • Paid vrs vol actors?

    Hi guys & ghouls,

    I am planning on running a haunt this year, and was wondering your thoughts on paying the actors or relying on vol. I will need 25-30 on staff each night and so that would mean a good chunck of change. Any thoughts pro or con on either?

    Dirk Or if you need makeup or supplies

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    We had good luck with a split this year. We relied on the paid/experienced actors for the more involved roles while using volunteers as "victims".


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      Our "high profile" actors (25) are paid and we average about 20-30 volunteer groups a night who receive pay in the form of a donation theyearn $ for their non-profit org.
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        The Best way is a blance

        Having travelled all ove rthe world acting I have to say it s a balance of paid and volunteers actors that works best. Ultimately, its all about heart.