Ok, here is my biggest pet peeves in working in Haunts. Come on, let's vent it out! We will feel better. What are yours?

If you do not want to go to a haunt, if it doesn't scare you, if you think it is stupid, if you think you are too "manly", are in a foul mood, don't have a date and no one loves you, haven't taken a shower and you stink, haven't talked to your friend in forever and see them for the first time that night and need to get caught up on your lives and talk throughout the haunt, if you are 25 going on 6 and like to whisper then giggle (yes folks giggle, not laugh), Have small genitalia and have to over compensate by being a total ass in front of the other sex, would rather walk through the house with hands in your pockets and not look at anything, bring kids who are having fun, but have parents that get pissed at you cause you just sacred their kid and push you, and the most important one is..... drum roll please.... if you have a 7 year old kid who is scared of "Mickey Mouse" and yells I don't want to go in crying and screaming, but yet you still make them go through to only laugh at them while they pee in their pants and are then tarnished for life to only become a flasher when they grow up with weird body twitches and talk to themselves as they flash themselves to others... DO NOT COME TO THE HOUSE folks. You will only create a bad vibe and ruin it for all those that love this! Whew...Ok I feel better!