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    Some Customers just have to waste

    Their time, possible fun experiences, themselves.
    Last night two yard haunters were here who have been to a couple of Transworlds and took a bus ride to see The Darkness. They said there were some people on that bus who were consuming incredible amounts of alcohol,.....maybe someone else paid their way? They really didn't want to be there?
    I was minorly amazed at this. spending such time and money to just get wasted, they could have done this at home, if they had one?
    Many years ago as a large group left my kitchen I discover the antique kitchen sink there is almost full of fresh, reddish PUKE!? (Lucky it was a single-basin) Unlucky for me at that time the sink was still just a prop, a prop Not hooked up to any plumbing!!??
    What Now!? Another group is due into the kitchen in a minute or so!
    I grabbed a scrap of cardboard, a Magic marker and wrote "Free Puke! Take Some" Fortunately it didn't reek.
    "Look at that, it almost looks "real". I heard some customers remark.
    By asking them to "Take some" worked it's reverse-psychology magic, nobody touched it.