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Escape Room Profitability as of 2020?

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  • Escape Room Profitability as of 2020?

    Hey Hauntworld Crew,

    We are interested in bringing in 3-4 500-800sqft escape rooms to our location that would be open year-round in addition to our normal Halloween season. For those of you who currently operate escape rooms, I'd love some help answering these questions:

    - How profitable have they been for the past 2-3 years?
    - Have you seen an increase/decrease in interest?
    - What does your customer base look like? Are there lots of repeat customers?
    - What did your bookings look like (in a pre-covid world)? Sold out weekly, 50% full?
    - How far in advance do customers tend to book?
    - What percentage of customers are parties/large groups/corporate?
    - How often do you change up your games/storylines?

    Brandon Treadway
    Owner & Creative Director | Treadway Events
    Portland, Oregon